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English Open Day

Below you will find Open Day presentations for our English Language, and English Literature and Creative Writing subject areas which can be used for reference. There is also a video gallery below where you can watch short videos by our academics talking about their teaching, interests and research.

English Language

Do you love the study of English and feel intrigued by linguistics? Are you looking for a degree that will give you broad-based employability? English language at Northumbria is a fascinating and adaptable subject that opens up a range of career choices.


English Literature and Creative Writing

At Northumbria our academics passions and interests span far and wide from Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero to graphic novels such as League of Extraordinary Gentleman and the gripping TV smash Homeland. That’s not to say you won’t find classics by the likes of Shakespeare in your reading list – Senior Lecturer Adam would never allow that – he just prefers to teach it by shaking it up with his module on Shaking up Shakespeare.

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