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Mechanical and Construction Engineering Facilities

Find out more about the facilities and equipment you can access at the Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Whether you’re engineering cars, bridges or tunnels, or constructing buildings, cities, or the infrastructure to support them, our range of specialist and general use facilities will support you. Throughout your work, whether undergraduate, postgraduate or research, you will get hands-on: testing, mixing materials, moulding, laser cutting and 3D printing; helping you to create places and products that people use every day.  


Rapid Prototyping Room

Bring your design projects to life in our specialist Rapid Prototyping room. Housing over £250,000 worth of equipment, including a variety of computer-controlled 3D printers and flatbed precision laser cutters, you will be able to make parts for your projects and create scale colour prototypes. Our specialist technicians have over 20 years’ expertise, meaning you are excellently supported.

Modelling Workshop

Get hands-on with modelling your designs using our range of specialist equipment in this open access 9-5 workshop. After an induction, you will be able to use everything from the saws, sanders and drills to the vacuum form, hotwire benders, cutters and spray painting booths to create the perfect finish. Our specialist technicians are on hand at all times to supervise and offer their expertise to help you achieve your vision.

Fluids and Thermodynamics Lab

This laboratory supports research into fluids, including flow in channels, and paint formulations and fillers used in high heat environments. The lab houses a wide range of equipment including: microscopes, 3D scanner & 3D microscope, oven & furnaces, combustion chamber, immersion tank, Ranklin cycler, small wind tunnel, polishing wheels, mounting press, and gases state equipment.

Building & Construction Materials Lab

Put your materials through their paces using our range of specialist materials testing equipment in our building and construction materials laboratory. With expert technicians on hand to help, you can use everything from our soil test apparatus, laser scanners and surveying equipment, to our house masonry rig, concrete testing apparatus and impact machine.

Control & Instrumentation Lab

This laboratory houses equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes. Equipment includes a pneumatics board, part sorting equipment, air cylinders, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system control tanks, bowl feeder, quadrocopter and a helicopter simulator.

Smart Materials and Composites Lab

Smart Materials and Composites Lab This lab allows various types of materials to be designed, created, broken and analysed. Equipment includes universal, fatigue, impact and hardness testing machines, dynamic mechanical analyser and a specialised surface topography microscope.

The Zone

The Zone is a recently opened 24/7 light and airy open plan area popular with students undertaking group work or individual study. Based in the entrance from Northumberland Road to Ellison Building, it provides individual and group computer work stations with large screens to help students tackle their own work and group assignments comfortably.

The Hub

The Hub is a working space with computer stations and large round tables to facilitate individual working and group work. Based on the second floor of Ellison Building B-block, it is ideally located for breaks in lectures and seminars. The Hub can be accessed from 7am – 10pm weekdays and from 8am – 5pm on weekends.

Wynne Jones Student Areas

Wynne Jones Student Areas have a number of areas available including Project Space - a purpose built space that is used to exhibit student work at degree show time. It is also home to computer stations for individual study and there is room for group discussions. These spaces can be accessed from 7am – 10pm weekdays and from 8am – 5pm on weekends.


Further Self Study Areas for Engineering & Environment Students

Pandon Basement and Studios

Recently refurbished, Pandon Basement is a 24/7 open access area with a range of computing facilities. Specialist studios with industry standard software including music technology, games, animation and green screen filming are also housed here. In addition there is a Go Café in the Basement and vending machines as well as soft seating so that students can take a break without needing to venture too far.

The Matrix

The Matrix is located on the ground floor of Pandon Building. Soft seating and interactive workstations make it an ideal place to relax or have a group discussion. The matrix can be accessed from 7am – 10pm weekdays and from 8am – 5pm on weekends.

The Space

The Space is an open plan area with individual computer work stations, soft seating and a meeting room to enable individual working and group discussions. Based on the third floor of Ellison Building E-Block, it is ideally located near Physics and Electrical Engineering teaching laboratories and our Think Physics, Think Engineering Outreach laboratory. The Space can be accessed from 7am – 10pm weekdays and from 8am – 5pm on weekends.


Mechanical & Construction Engineering Courses

With a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and distance learning Mechanical & Construction Engineering courses, whatever you want to get out of university, let us show you why you want Northumbria University, Newcastle!


Mechanical & Construction Engineering Staff

Our Mechanical & Construction Engineering students learn from the best – inspirational academic staff with a genuine passion for their subject. Our courses are at the forefront of current knowledge and practice and are shaped by world-leading and internationally excellent research.

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Undergraduate Open Day Events

Looking to study in with us in September? Our Undergraduate Open Day Events are the perfect opportunity for you to find out as much as you can about our wide range of courses and world-class facilities.

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