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Our PGR Students

Amy Allan

Project: What is the impact of the Academic Health Sciences Network North East North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) in the North of England?

Supervisors: Vincent Deary, Tim Rapley

Emily Bellerby

Project: Reading To Learn: The Blue Toofle Had Long Legs

Supervisors: Hazel Blythe, Kris McCarty

Hope Birch

Project: Mental Health Help-Seeking in Higher Education Students: A Role for Mental Health Analytics?

Supervisors: James Newham, Peter Francis, Alyson Dodd

Richard Brown

Project: Investigating perceived uncontrollable mortality risk and socioeconomic differences in heath behaviours

Supervisors: Gillian Pepper, Liz Sillence

Sarah Chalhoub

Project: Healthy Ageing-Female Sexuality and Psychological Wellbeing

Supervisors: Michael Smith, Liz Sillence, Zeb Sattar, Catrin Borneskog Sinclair

Helen Clegg

Project: How, why and in what circumstances can analytics promote thriving among Northumbria University students?

Supervisors: James Newham, Alyson Dodd, Peter Francis

Dijana Cocić

Project: Cognitive and conative underpinnings of sport expertise

Supervisors: Merim Bilalić, Thomas Pollet, Libby Orme

Jordan Dawson

Project: Misogyny online: why does it happen and how can we stop it?

Supervisors: Genavee Brown, Jenny Paterson, Lee Shepherd

Matt  Dixon

Project: The Self-Extended Smartphone: Implications for Privacy and Security

Supervisors: Liz Sillence, James Nicholson, Lynne Coventry

Charlotte Emmerson

Project: Workplace bullying interventions in healthcare: A realist approach

Supervisors: Madeline Carter, Neill Thompson, Laura Longstaff

Chantelle Francis

Project: An exploration into the main school-related factors that influence the psychological wellbeing of children

Supervisors: Karen McKenzie, Kris McCarty

Sandra Gawel

Project: Examining the neural basis of awake consolidation deficits in Alzheimer's Disease.

Supervisors: Michael Craig, Jo Greer, Colin Hamilton

Beckie Gibson

Project: Understanding the persuasive effects of message framing for vaccination update in university-aged adults

Supervisors: Angela Rodrigues, Nicki O'Brien

Vicki Groves

Project: Exploring body image distortion in men

Supervisors: Katri Cornelissen, Piers Cornelissen, Andriy Myachykov

Lauren Hoult

Project: The Power of Positivity: Positive Expressive Writing and Wellbeing

Supervisors: Michael Smith, Mark Wetherell, Trudi Edginton

Emma Kemp

Project: Understanding (Digital) Information Sharing of pregnant and postpartum mothers

Supervisors: Liz Sillence, Lisa Thomas, Lynne Coventry

Sarah Kyle

Project: Nature of Social Connection in the UK Farming Community

Supervisors: Emma Barkus, Stephen Dunne

Connor Leslie

Project: Is trouble coming your way? Exploring the neurocognitive mechanisms to assess threatening body language in men.

Supervisors: Kris McCarty, Tamsin Saxton, Amy Newman

Angela Long

Project: The role of community pharmacy in the management of age-related musculoskeletal conditions

Supervisors: Nicki O'Brien, Tim Rapley, Krysia Dziedzic (Keele Uni)

Wika Malkowska

Project: Gender differences in employability resources to foster career success and sustainability

Supervisors: Vicki Elsey, Laura Longstaff

Jill Marshall

Project: Exploring the wellbeing (including stress) of prison officers working in a therapeutic prison environment with personality disordered, high-risk offenders

Supervisors: Mark Wetherell, Michael Smith, Laura Longstaff

Anna Maughan

Project: Understanding the role of emotions, belief in medical conspiracy theories and health-related behaviours

Supervisors: Lee Shepherd, Dan Jolley, Nick Neave

Ruth Medcalf-Bell

Project: The role of disposition, behaviour and perceptions in mediating auditory verbal hallucination

Supervisors: Emma Barkus, Peter Moseley

Georgia Punton

Project: The association between sleep health and hallucinations and the role of cognitive control

Supervisors: Peter Moseley, Jason Ellis, David Smailes

Richard Rawlings

Project: Hook-up app usage as (dis)connection among rural men who have sex with men (MSM):Para-ethnographic zine-production as reciprocal ‘assemblage’

Supervisors: Genavee Brown, Lynne Coventry

Beth Ridley

Project: Developing an intervention for childhood obesity in BAME populations 

Supervisors: Martin Tovée, Jeanne Bovet, Piers Cornelissen

Hollie Rivers

Project: Understanding the association between hoarding behaviours and psychosis, and the role of aberrant salience

Supervisors: David Smailes, Nick Neave

Tracy Rogers

Project: Differentiating sleepiness from fatigue a multi-method approach

Supervisors: Jason Ellis, Vincent Deary, Lynne Coventry, Greg Elder

Heather Sutherland

Project: Student stories: Self-reflections on mental health and wellbeing across undergraduate university experiences

Supervisors: Peter Francis, James Newham, Alyson Dodd

Mark Turnbull

Project: The functional role of sleep/wake regulation in social perception: How sleep disruption affects social behaviour. 

Supervisors: Tara Santhi, Andriy Myachykov, Greg Elder

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