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Ami - John Bloom Law Bursary recipient

Name: Ami Leake 

Course: Law LLB

Scholarship: John Bloom Law Bursary

What was it about Northumbria University that made you want to study here?

Northumbria University was my first choice due to being one of the only universities that do the 4-year law degree with the LPC/SQE on the last year. As I want to become a solicitor this was a huge plus for me. 

Did you face any barriers to Higher Education, or was there anything that made you doubt your decision to come to university?

My son was a huge barrier for me. I had him in my second year of college and was frequently told I wouldn’t be able to finish my A Levels let alone start university. This wasn’t true! The university are extremely understanding when I cannot attend classes or must leave early etc due to childcare issues or travel issues. 

What do you like about studying at Northumbria?

I love studying here, the university itself is very welcoming. I’m enjoying being part of the Greg’s Society as I’ve been to a few networking events as well as their society events which I love due to being around likeminded people.

How were you awarded the scholarship, and has it provided any benefits for you?

I was awarded my scholarship from writing a short essay about why I should deserve the opportunity to receive the money due to my uncommon situation of being a mother and living alone from a young age. The scholarship has made it able for me to afford to travel up to university more than I expected. It’s allowed me to afford to learn to drive so I can get to and from Newcastle. I have also been to London twice for work experience, which my bursary has funded, with 2 huge law firms. This was amazing and I couldn’t have imagined being able to do this before I was awarded it.

What are your future goals? Has your scholarship influenced this in any way?

I’m hoping to work as a solicitor when I leave university. Due to the strain a law degree has on people anyway, this seemed very out of my reach. However, the university have been supportive which has upped my confidence. With the bursary I’m getting I’m even more confident as I will be able to afford to travel to the essential work experience events, have more financial freedom so my stress altogether is lower, and more importantly I don’t need to make sacrifices for me or my son when I need to prioritise financial aspects with my degree.


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