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Joe - Paul Winters Scholarship recipient

Name: Joe Woolcock

Course: Criminology and Sociology

Did you face any barriers to Higher Education, or was there anything that made you doubt your decision to come to university?

I suppose a barrier to higher education for me was certainly the financial aspect. Coming from a single parent working class family it is certainly something that is always in my mind.

What do you enjoy about studying at Northumbria?

Northumbria is a fantastic place to study. The library is a great facility to have access to when you need a place to get work done. My favourite part of the course is the debates that Sociology naturally allows you to have. It’s great when these debates get slightly heated.

What benefits has the scholarship provided?

Apart from the obvious financial security a scholarship brings, my scholarship allowed me to connect with a previous Northumbria student, who has experience with Sociology. This is a fantastic resource to have access to, should I need any guidance.

Has your scholarship influenced your future career goals in any way?

My future goals relate heavily to Sociology. I would like to be in a position where I can publish my own texts, especially relating to the class divide. Having access to a Sociology expert through my scholarship is a great tool to help me achieve this.

If you could give advice to somebody considering university, what would it be?

My advice to someone considering university is to attend open days. It’s important that you like the city that you are going to study in as it will be your home for three years or more. In terms of choosing a course, I would have a look at every single one the university offers and consider how the modules are assessed to see if the assessments suit your learning style.

How does it feel to be awarded the Paul Winter’s Sociology Scholarship?

Being nominated for the scholarship is a great honour. It certainly made me even more proud of myself for the hard work that I put in to get my A-Level results. My family were also very proud when I showed them the letter I received from my donor.

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