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Sarah-Jane - Nannette House Fashion Design & Marketing Scholarship recipient

Name: Sarah-Jane Liu

Course: Fashion Design and Marketing 

Scholarship: Nannette House Fashion Design & Marketing Scholarship

What was it about Northumbria University that made you want to study here? 

I've always wanted to experience the university lifestyle, and I saw it as an opportunity to become independent from home. I wanted to study a course I know I would like, and Northumbria had one of the best reputations for fashion. 

Did you face any barriers to Higher Education, or was there anything that made you doubt your decision to come to university?

The workload is a lot more than I thought I could handle but I've got to remember it's not just me who's going through this everyone is having a tough time especially in first year.

What do you enjoy about studying at Northumbria? 

I think how tutors are very involved with our work and I like how modern the buildings are and how many facilities are available to students. I also enjoy the creative freedom.

What benefits has the scholarship provided?

My one-on-one calls with my sponsor have really uplifted my spirits with university life. She gives great advice in terms of how to deal with certain aspects of work and stress. 


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