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Dung Nguyen Phuong

Career Path: Chief Marketing Officer, ENOUVO Group
Location: Vietnam

My passion for branding and marketing was sparked at a young age through my exposure to different brands and the impact they had on people's lives. I wanted to understand how brands captivate audiences and create strong emotional connections. In high school and college, I studied marketing, advertising, and communication with a focus on learning the principles of strategic branding, art and audience psychology. Working at a digital branding agency in the UK during my study there also sparked my passion in this field.

After graduating, I started my career at a digital marketing agency where I helped build brands and grow businesses through online marketing strategies. It was there that I discovered my natural affinity for understanding people's needs and desires, and crafting messaging that resonates. I enjoyed helping clients articulate and bring to life the essence of their brands.

However, I soon realised I wanted to create an even larger impact by sharing my knowledge and experience. I joined ENOUVO Group as their Chief Marketing Officer to help grow their tech business. In this role, I get to practice what I preach through developing branding and marketing strategies for our products and services. I'm also one of the founding members of Enosta Agency to provide digital product design and brand marketing services for clients.

Most importantly, I established, and support, some marketing and branding communities to help emerging Vietnamese entrepreneurs and youth build globally competitive brands. Through teaching, mentoring and networking opportunities, I aim to empower the next generation with the practical skills, mindset and global exposure they need to succeed. My goal is to contribute to the economic development of my country by nurturing a strong pool of young Vietnamese brand builders and marketers. This journey has been incredibly fulfilling for me, and I look forward to continuing my career as an advocate, educator and mentor in the fields of branding and marketing for many years to come.

What are you doing now?Dung Nguyen Phuong

I'm a dedicated Brand & Marcom Advisor, a passionate Educator in the technology and innovation sector, and a proactive community builder eager to contribute to the development of the brand and marketing specialist community, as well as support the Vietnamese Youth in raising global competitive advantages. As a Brand Marketing Consultant, I help businesses develop and execute strategic branding  and marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and engage target audiences.

What was it about Northumbria that made you decide to study here?

Northumbria University's MSc in Digital Marketing stood out to me for several reasons;Northumbria's strong reputation for business and marketing in the UK and the practical nature of the program with industry placements - the MSc in Digital Marketing includes a compulsory one-year work placement as part of the course, giving me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience working in a relevant digital marketing role. This hands-on learning and industry exposure will help prepare me for a future career in the field. Also the location of the University with Newcastle upon Tyne being a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, named the best UK city to live and study. The blend of a lively student life and beautiful historic attractions made Newcastle very appealing as a place to live and study for a couple year. Northumbria's Centre for Digital Marketing Research conducts industry-leading research, informing the curriculum and giving students access to the latest developments and thinking in the field, with the University offering comprehensive support services for international students from the time of application through graduation. I felt their commitment to helping international students settle in and thrive academically and personally.

What was it like studying at Northumbria?

Studying at Northumbria University was a mix of traditional teaching methods like lectures and seminars, as well as more innovative learning experiences like team projects, case studies, and work placements. Lectures provided foundational knowledge on key topics like search engine optimisation, social media strategy, and web analytics and were regularly attended by over 100 students with the content delivered by knowledgeable professors and industry experts. Seminars with around 20-30 students allowed for more discussion and interaction. These focused on applying concepts from lectures to real-world scenarios through case studies and exercises. The interactive dialogue with lecturers and peers helped cement my understanding of the material. Team projects were a highlight, giving me hands-on experience working in groups to research, develop and present marketing strategies for different businesses. Working with classmates from diverse backgrounds helped develop my teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.The compulsory work placement in my second year gave me the opportunity to gain practical experience at a digital marketing agency. This helped bring together all the theory I had learnt into a real-world job, building my confidence and professional know-how. Feedback on assessments was thorough, constructive and aligned with the assessment criteria. Lecturers were available for one-on-one support and guidance, and were happy to discuss feedback in more detail to help me improve. Overall, the variety of teaching methods coupled with opportunities for industry experience through placements and connections made my time at Northumbria truly enriching and well-rounded. I developed not just the knowledge but also the practical, transferable skills to succeed in the fast-changing field of digital marketing.

How connected was your course with industry? 

There was a compulsory one-year work placement, this was the highlight of the course for me, as it gave me invaluable experience actually working in the digital marketing industry. My placement was at a major digital marketing agency where I put the theories I learned into practice on real client projects. We also worked on industry projects including live marketing projects for real businesses as part of our team project modules. This gave us a taste of the types of challenges and constraints digital marketers face in their day to day jobs. We regularly had lectures from practising industry professionals, giving us insights into their roles and the current trends in the field. They also shared tips on how to transition successfully into digital marketing careers after graduation. The modules and content were designed to reflect current practices and needs of the industry. Lecturers were up to date on the latest tools, techniques and strategies used by digital marketers. In summary, through a perfect mix of practical work experience, guest lectures, industry connections and an applied curriculum, my course at Northumbria gave me realistic perspectives on what it's like working in the actual industry. This helped prepare me so well that I was able to smoothly transition into a digital marketing role after graduation. The course's close connection to industry was truly its strength.

How did studying at Northumbria help you achieve your career goals/ give your career an edge?

Studying at Northumbria University helped me achieve my career goals and gave my career an edge in several ways including through the practical skills I learnt, the industry placement, the knowledge I developed in key areas of digital marketing, my confidence being boosted which in turn positively grew my self-assurance and belief in my capabilities and my career focus. The careers services also helped me refine my CV, improve my interview skills, learn how to network effectively and develop a career development plan. This structured support boosted my employability and career progression. In summary, Northumbria helped me achieve my career ambitions through a combination of practical skills development, industry exposure, networking opportunities, knowledge gain, confidence building and tailored career development support. All of these factors gave me a clear advantage entering the competitive job market upon graduation.

What advice would you give somebody who is considering studying at Northumbria?

Take full advantage of the work placement opportunity, this will provide you invaluable practical experience, industry connections and a real edge when you graduate. Put in the effort to find a great placement that matches your career interests. Network as much as you can. Attend events, talk to guest lecturers, make connections during your placement and Leverage Northumbria's ties with local companies. Build your network from day one - it will open many doors for you.  Develop technical skills as well as soft skills. Northumbria focuses on both technical knowledge and transferable skills like communication, teamwork and creativity. Intentionally work on developing your soft skills through projects, placements and extracurricular activities.  Ask questions and seek help when you need it. The lecturers and support staff at Northumbria are there to help you succeed. Don't be afraid to reach out for clarification, feedback, advice or anything else you might need. Take advantage of the careers and job search support. Utilize resources like the careers service, alumni network and mentoring programs. Start planning and preparing for your future career from your first year. Get involved! Join student societies, attend events, participate in projects - anything that allows you to interact and network with others. These experiences will enrich your time at Northumbria immensely. Challenge yourself! Take on roles or modules that may push you outside your comfort zone. This is where the most personal growth happens, which will help you stand out as a graduate. Make the most of living in Newcastle. Explore and enjoy everything the city has to offer culturally, historically and socially. These moments create precious memories that last a lifetime. Stay focused on your goals but maintain balance. Have a plan but remain open to new opportunities that may shift your perspective or aspirations along the way. Prioritise time for yourself too.

How would you describe your time at Northumbria in three words?

Enjoyable, memorable and meaningful.

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