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Campus Facilities

Our exceptional facilities ensure students make the most of their time on campus.

As September fast approaches we’re working around the clock to prepare for the start of the academic year. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority, but we’re also working hard to make sure that people can make the most of our fantastic campus and feel safe and supported and ready to make the most of life at University. 

We are doing everything we can to make our campus a safe space - learn more in the Safety on Campus section below.


Of course, as guidelines evolve, so will our campus experience but, there’s already so much for you to enjoy. In September, apart from our classrooms, clinics, labs and studios, we will have a wide array of learning spaces available, where students can meet, study and collaborate:

  • Our University Library, one of the best academic libraries in the UK, has around half a million print books, over 900,000 e-books and around 85,000 e-journals. So, there’s no doubt you will want to spend time there.
  • There will be plenty of study spaces, digital hubs and touch down spaces across the campus – including our Digital Commons – which will be open from 1st September and 24/7 from 28th September.
  • And while on campus staff and students can also pick up some food, catch up with friends and fit in a workout.
  • Our catering and retail outlets will be open and ready to serve hot and cold takeaway food which can even be pre-ordered via an app.
  • To help people who want to catch up over coffee or a drink at a safe social distance we are adding more outdoor seating areas.
  • For those that like to keep active then we are aiming to have our gym and swimming pool - amongst other facilities– open for you in September. This means that, with our Fitness Membership, you can enjoy the gym, a swim and a wide range of exercise classes each week, including ‘virtual’ and ‘home’ workouts as well as live instructor led classes including yoga, spinning and circuits.

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