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Northumbria University Financial Performance

Want to know how income received from tuition fees is spent?

Northumbria is embarking on ambitious plans to become one of the country’s most successful universities. Critical to this mission is prudent financial management which allows funds from students, funding councils, industry partners, donors and other stakeholders to be invested back into the University’s Vision.

In 2013/14 the University generated income of £226m and a historical cost surplus of £7.3m. This surplus provides the means by which we can invest in Vision 2025 to become a research rich, business-focussed professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence.

How we generate our income
Northumbria has a diverse range of income streams covering teaching, research, consultancy and other commercial ventures. A summary is shown below:


How we spend these funds
The University uses the funds it receives to maintain the impressive campuses in Newcastle upon Tyne, whilst maintaining a high level of academically excellent staff to further world leading research and teaching activities. Over £13m was spent on providing financial support to our students throughout their university life. This helps to ensure that they have the best chance of fulfilling their potential. More detail on our generous scholarship and bursary packages can be found here.  

Of the 7% spent on student facilities, nearly £8m is towards providing an award winning library. A more detailed breakdown of where we spend this money is shown below:

For more information, the full financial statements can be found here.


(last updated 30 January 2015) 

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