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Where does our income come from?

The main source of income for the University is tuition fees. In 2018/19, for home and EU students, this was £149.7m, or 59% of total income. Other key sources of income include fees paid by international students (£29.5m), grants received from bodies such as the Office for Students and Research England (£20.3m), along with grants for specific research projects (£8.6m) and income from accommodation and catering services (£11.6m). The graph shows how the total University income of £254.1m was comprised; further information is included in the University’s statutory accounts.

The diversity of income means that, whilst tuition fees are important, they form only part of our income. It is this diversity of income sources which is at the heart of providing a dynamic and diverse experience for our students and staff. The page showing how we spend our income, and utilise our resources, shows how we achieve this.

Where does our income come from?

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