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How is our income spent?

We are open and transparent about how the University spends its money, with the full audited accounts published on our website. However, we recognise that this statutory format of reporting does not tell the full story in an easily digestible format, especially for students paying tuition fees.

It is important to recognise that tuition fees do not simply buy units of tuition: instead, the fee forms part of our income, and this income is used to support a wide range of activities. We use our funding to provide high quality teaching and research staff and facilities, to maintain and improve the campuses and to ensure that our students have access to the resources and facilities that make up the outstanding student experience at Northumbria.

We know that not all students use all services and facilities; but we see real value in these being available to all, ensuring that you benefit from a well-rounded experience which is academically stretching and readies you for life after university. As well as maintaining the existing infrastructure, it is also important that we protect enough resources for future investment, to ensure future generations benefit from the University experience. Put simply, you may be paying for the buildings used by future students, in the same way that past students paid for those you have benefited from.

This graph shows how the University spends its money:

How income is spent by the university

In 2021/22 the University spent the following amounts on expenditure directly on student facilities:

In 2021/22, the University recorded a deficit after tax of £978k, showing that expenditure slightly exceeded income. In the previous year, the University generated a surplus of £2.7m. Any surplus is fully reinvested into the university in later years, and our strong financial results have meant the University has been able to support ongoing investments which provide an excellent student experience. Our strong financial position also means we will continue to be able to invest in our staff and the estate, ensuring we provide the best possible environment for students and staff. 




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