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Fire Policy and Evacuation Procedures

Important Documents:

Fire Safety Policy

Make yourself familiar with all alternative exit routes 

If you discover a fire or in the event of hearing the fire alarm/seeing the fire alarm lights activate:

  • Raise the alarm by breaking the glass on the nearest red emergency fire call point
  • Alert others in your immediate area
  • Telephone Security on 0191 227 3200 or ext. 3200 and give exact details of fire. i.e. location, extent of the fire, persons still in building, e.g mobility impaired.
  • Evacuate the building immediately, via the nearest safe fire exit route to your nearest designated fire assembly point as shown on the displayed local Fire Instruction Notices and Plan
  • Assist others to evacuate if safe to do so
  • DO NOT collect personal items or delay your exit.  
  • DO NOT use lifts. 
  • DO close all doors after you.
  • If you are unable to evacuate due to mobility issues (follow your PEEP), proceed to your nearest Refuge Point

- DO inform a member of staff, fire marshal or fellow student of your location.

- Use the ‘Refuge Call Point and/or Vocall Phone. This will alert Security to come and get you

- A fire evacuation lift or chair will be used by staff to evacuate you from the building 

  • ONLY tackle to extinguish a fire if you are trained and it is safe to do so.
  • DO NOT re-enter the building unless instructed to do so by a member of Security staff
  • If you require further assistance for illness or injury, urgent medical help or emergency assistance alert a member of security or call 0191 227 3200 or ext. 3200

It is in your own interests of health and safety to familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for all University buildings. Make yourself familiar with all alternative exit routes. Plans are prominently and clearly displayed on each floor level within all University Buildings.

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