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Remembering the past and predicting the future: detection of memory B cells provides clues to both

Lecture Theatre 003


Remembering the past and predicting the future: detection of memory B cells provide clues to both

B cells are an essential part of our adaptive immune system and are responsible for the production of antibodies. These Y-shaped molecules can specifically recognize foreign invaders (e.g. SARS-CoV-2) and prevent their entry into the body.

Shortly after infection or vaccination, B cells with the appropriate specificity become activated and can rapidly produce large quantities of antibodies directed against the offending agent. However, over time the levels of specific antibodies in the body can drop below protective levels. Fortunately, some of the B cells become long-lived memory cells and can rapidly be reawakened to produce protective antibodies once more, even against newer versions of virus.

In a fascinating lecture, Professor Greg Kirchenbaum  will discuss his current research focusing on the detection of such specific memory B cells in the blood using a technique called ImmunoSpot. He will explain how detection of memory B cells using the ImmunoSpot technique promises to offer insights that measurements of antibody levels in blood cannot.

About the Speaker 

Professor Greg Kirchenbaum is Director of B cell Research, Cellular Technology Ltd, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He received his BSc honours from Florida State University in Biology and went on to the prestigious Immunology Department at the University of Colorado to work on his PhD in the area of B cell tolerance with Lawrence Wysocki. Post-doctoral fellowships at the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida, and Center for Vaccines and Immunology, University of Georgia, followed, where he worked with Ted Ross.

In 2018 Professor Kirchenbaum joined Cellular Technology Ltd (CTL) in Cleveland, Ohio, to work with Professor Paul V. Lehmann MD/PhD, where he is now Director of B cell research. He has been instrumental in developing the B cell ImmunoSpot assay platform at CTL.  B cell and antibody responses have been a constant theme in his career, and he has over 40 publications in prestigious journals and given numerous keynote presentations. He has a close collaboration with Professor Stephen Todryk at Northumbria University, where they co-supervise a PhD student.



Event Details

Lecture Theatre 003
Business & Law Building, Northumbria University
City Campus East
Newcastle upon Tyne


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