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Amy Stubbs

16th May 2021

Fashion Design BA student Amy Stubbs has always been interested in dreams, and as many of us would like to escape the reality of the pandemic to a more positive and inspiring dreamscape, her collection is the perfect tonic. Amy’s final major project ‘Woven Into Reality’ is an abstract concept which investigates dreams and the subconscious mind, whilst analysing emotional triggers which we don’t necessarily see in waking life. 

With a strong focus on the mind, Amy’s collection explores themes of mental health and the idea of communicating through the subconscious. Inspired by narratives, Amy often uses these stories to drive her work forward and communicate abstract ideas in a thought-provoking way. The theory of dreams being woven into reality runs through her final major project, conveying through print and garment design the conceptual idea of how in some ways we can become entrapped within our own thoughts. The surreal experiences the body can endure when in a state of tranquillity and the phenomenon of sleep paralysis is represented through experimental moulage work. 

As a print specialist, Amy has a hands-on approach to design, enjoying working in the studio for a direct and personal approach to developing prints and understanding colour theory when mixing colours. However, she has made the most of working from home during the lockdown to build on her digital skills, creating textures and expanding mark making techniques in both a digital and physical format. Taking the opportunity to step back from work to reflect throughout the design process is an important skill, enabling Amy to build on her existing knowledge and expand her practice as a printer. The use of colour in Amy’s work brings a light-hearted and fun element to a thoughtful concept. 

She said: “Mark making is a key focus within my research for this collection, having used it to drive and visualise contrasting emotions through texture.” 

Amy’s approach to research is to select a concept which interests and excites her, thoroughly investigating each aspect to fully understand and push the boundaries within her field. Abstract art is an inspiration for Amy as a designer: her in-depth research into the techniques used by contemporary artists such as Cecil Touchon have influenced design and print processes to create exciting and expressive mark making which explores texture and colour in a contemporary and forward-thinking way. The result is a striking collection which goes beyond what we see on the surface. 

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