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Why Take Part

The aim is to have a win-win situation for students and client organisations and all parties will benefit from the projects.


Client organisations will:

  • be able to take advantage of full consultancy advice without having to spend the resources for it
  • receive up to date research and sound recommendations which will enhance the growth of the organisation
  • have access to talented and highly energised students who are well versed in modern communication and the benefits of digital marketing


Students will:

  • have the opportunity to work with real clients on real business projects
  • gain experience with working in a divers and international team of ambitious students
  • have the opportunity to enhance their employability skills

Latest News and Features

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Professor Matthew Johnson gave the keynote academic address at the Basic Income North conference in Manchester.
Left to right - Student Heledd Rimmer is pictured using the winning activity booklet with Catherine Burton (aged 7). Senior Lecturer Rachael Chapman and Beelines Education Officer with Urban Green Newcastle, Rachel Faichnie, take a look through the pages.

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