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Hewlett-Packard Undergraduate Study Abroad Ambassador

Everything you need to know about this scholarship opportunity at Northumbria University for current students applying for the Year in International Business in 2019/20.

2019/20 Undergraduate Hewlett-Packard Ambassador Role

The Hewlett Packard Student Ambassador role is for current second year undergraduate students applying for the Year in Intentional Business in Amsterdam in 2019/20.

In 2019/20, with the generous support of Hewlett-Packard, we are pleased to confirm that all enrolled students on the Year in International Business in Amsterdam will be invited to apply.

The Amsterdam – Student Ambassador roles will support the International Development Office in its activities and responsibilities. Each role purpose is to promote Northumbria University and Northumbria University’s Amsterdam Campus and partnership with Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) to prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The application process will be;

Following enrolment, all Year in International Business students will be contacted via Northumbria email and invited to submit a CV and one page letter of support – ‘Why you should be the Student Ambassador?’

A shortlisting process and final interview (Skype or in person) will determine the appointment of 5 Hewlett-Packard Amsterdam – Student Ambassador posts.

Each Student Ambassador will be provided £1100 and in return, ensure a minimum of 50 hours targeted support across the 2019-20 academic year.

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