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Year in International Business, UK and Amsterdam

The Year in International Business Programme is an exciting new opportunity for current undergraduate students who had not previously considered a Study Abroad option. This opportunity is open to all non-business students, and is designed to overcome some of the barriers known to deter some students from a period of international study. Study Abroad, Amsterdam Exchange also offers students an innovative and employability-enhancing exposure to business theory and practice.

This is a one-year award for Northumbria students of a non-business background who have successfully completed Level 5 of their undergraduate studies and who are seeking to complement their degree and experiences with a year of business-related study including study abroad. The one-year will involve a semester of taught study in Newcastle, followed by one semester in Amsterdam where a real-world, international experience is offered by means of a Group Business Consultancy Project. Academic information below.

The award made to these students on completion of their Northumbria studies will be BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) X with Year in International Business.

* Some degrees may not be eligible if professional accreditation does not allow for an overseas break in studies. Please check with your Programme Leader before applying.

Why Amsterdam?

The opportunity to genuinely immerse yourself in another culture and be more than just a visitor in a particular country is a rare one. Studying abroad provides you with not only unforgettable experiences and memories, but also personal contacts that you can benefit from for years to come.

The decision to study abroad is an important one, not least because of the increased financial demands of living abroad. It is important to make the decision with a clear idea of the individual benefits to you personally. Each individual student will have a different set of priorities, these priorities will help in making the decision of whether studying abroad is right for you.

With its great social life and small-city feel, getting qualified in Amsterdam could be your best decision yet. Read on for our top reasons to love student life in Amsterdam

English is everywhere

English proficiency is exceptionally high in the Netherlands. As a truly international city, Amsterdam leads the way. You will find English menus in restaurants, English TV channels and friendly locals who are only too happy to translate.

Your social calendar will be packed

An exhibition, shopping at the market, a picnic in Vondelpark, a festival – and that’s just your Saturday. Your Instagram feed will be overloaded with everything there is to see and do in Amsterdam.

It’s a small town metropolis

Amsterdam is teeny tiny. Surprisingly so, considering how much goes on every weekend. With only 800, 000 people and tight-knit neighbourhoods that you can easily cycle through, you’ll feel at home in no time

Life is good there

In study after study, Amsterdammers come out as among the happiest people in the world. It’s a clean and safe city, where your mode of transport doubles as exercise (goodbye, gym) and there are beautiful parks and green spaces to recharge in. 

Everyone is welcome

Part of what gives the city its rich and varied culture is the open-minded attitude of the Dutch. You will quickly discover that Amsterdam is multi-cultural, multi-lingual and actively advocates for LGBT rights. 

Fries are always a good idea

Dutch culinary delights will blow your mind and are relatively inexpensive. Try delicious deep fried bitterballen, a cone of fries slathered in mayonnaise and the fluffy clouds of goodness known as poffertjes.

You can get out of town (when you want to)

Amsterdam is very well connected and the perfect base for exploring Europe. Brussels, Antwerp and Paris are just a few hours by train, and thanks to an ever-increasing number of flights from Schiphol airport, a city break or beach holiday is always within reach. 

Book an appointment with the Study Abroad Team

A mandatory requirement for studying abroad is to attend a 121 session with the Study Abroad team who will be able to advise you on how the programme works, available locations, finance, support etc. To book a 121 appointment with a member of the Study Abroad team please click on the 'Book now' button.

 Online appointments by Smoothbook

After the appointment you will be e-mailed a code which you can then use in your application form.

Please only book one session at a time - once you have attended your session you may then book for a subsequent one should you need further advice or guidance.

If you have any questions please email

Programme Information


Semester 1- Delivered in Newcastle
The semester 1 comprises three 20-credit modules aimed at students new to the business and management, which also equips the students for a semester abroad, working in teams on a “real-world”, client facing project.  The participants on completion of these modules will have developed the necessary “soft”, “analytical” and “project management” skills necessary to embark on a “real-world” client-centred consultancy project.

Managing People at Work aims to provide participants with an introduction to the foundation theory and practice of management. It encourages the understanding of the principal challenges facing managers and will give an overview of the key themes within organisational behaviour

Global Business Environment identify and describe the main features, trends & influences of the global business environment on international organisations.  Analyse various global and/or international business contexts and how these affect the strategic development of industries, markets and organisations. Apply basic macro-economic theory in an international business environment and use economic analysis to examine major social and economic issues in the UK and beyond

Financial Decision Making will initially explore the motivations for entrepreneurial activity and techniques that can be used to appraise investment decisions and learn how financial information can be used to assist managers and external user groups in their decision making processes.

Semester 2- Delivered in Amsterdam
The 60-credit semester in Amsterdam includes two exciting modules, as detailed here:

The Group Business Consultancy Project is a Level 5 offering here.  We have to be mindful of differentiating this from the Level 6 offering NX9626 – UG Consultancy Project, given the business students may return and apply to do this, but also for differentiation by levelness. Based on the Business Clinic experience, there is an example, the project for St Galleon, based on a client-focused experience, but using secondary research only.  This represents a useful way of differentiating.  Also, to get the project up and running in the first run and given student numbers, it may be useful to source one client project which all students groups work towards, thereby offering potential for at least one positive piece of work and mitigating in the first instance

The final module will introduce opportunities and challenges posed by doing business in an increasingly digital domain. Allowing participants to gain an understanding of how using online channels impacts upon different parts of the organisation.

These modules will be developed by staff in Newcastle and run in Amsterdam with staff located exclusively there.  The latter is particularly important for the Group Business Consultancy Project, given the need for regular, rather than blocked class contact.  Whilst the module descriptor and assessment mechanism may be developed in Newcastle for the International Business, it could be useful for the learning material and activities to be developed locally, this may beneficial to bring out a particular 



 Semester 1

 Managing People at Work

(20 credits)

Global Business Environment 

(20 credits)

Financial Decision Making

(20 credits)

 Semester 2

Group Business Consultancy Project

(40 credits)

 Digital Business

(20 credits) 




How to apply

In order to apply for the Year in International Business place for the next academic year (2019/20), you will need to sign up to the application portal, following the link below.

Please ensure that you are using Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser - the portal and subsequent application form will not work correctly with Internet Explorer or Safari.

When signing up to the portal please ensure that you use your Northumbria University e-mail address. Applications coming from external e-mail addresses (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) will be rejected and deleted.

Your Northumbria University e-mail address should have your full name format (e.g., not your username (e.g. Applications coming from NU usernames will also be rejected and deleted as they will not work with secondary processes in the system.

Please ensure that you add the e-mail address to your 'safe senders' list in your Northumbria Outlook mail settings BEFORE signing up to the portal so that you receive all notifications from the application system.

Please note the application portal for the first round of applications closed on 21st January 2019.  We will be opening a second round of applications on 1st March 2019 (date is TBC).

Apply here


The Student Hotel Amsterdam City is a fantastic option for accommodation.

The Central hotel is 14 minutes away from the Business School on the number 54 Metro line, with a Metro station directly outside the accommodation.

All rooms come equipped with a double bed, study space and desk, flat screen TV, Nespresso coffee machine and kettle, storage space, private bathroom, toiletries,and towels and bedding, All students receive a free bike for use during their stay.  Shared kitchens are available on each floor.  Wifi is provided throughout.

The Hotel also has communal social space with table tennis and pool tables, collaborative and private study space with access to PCs, a restaurant and bar, and a fully-equipped gym.

For more information about the rooms, location, gallery and costs, please visit their website:

The Student Hotel - Amsterdam City

For information on alternative accommodation, please visit:

 I amsterdam.


Northumbria University International Ambassador Scheme

Hewlett Packard Student Ambassador




Hewlett-Packard Undergraduate Study Abroad Ambassador
Hewlett-Packard Undergraduate Study Abroad Ambassador
Hewlett-Packard Undergraduate Study Abroad Ambassador
Hewlett-Packard Undergraduate Study Abroad Ambassador

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

UK/EU Students 

The tuition fee for this extra year is £9,250. 

You will receive your normal Student Finance package to cover the £9,250 tuition fee, with the possibility of an enhanced Maintenance Loan for semester 2.

International Students

Please consult our website for more information.


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