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Dr Ammar Belatreche

Senior Lecturer

Department: Computer and Information Sciences

Ammar BelatrecheDr. Ammar Belatreche received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Ulster University, UK. He joined Northumbria University in May 2016. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Programme Leader for the MSc Advanced Computer Science in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. He is a member of the Computational Intelligence and Visual Computing (CIVC) research group. Previously he worked as a Research Associate in the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), Ulster University, then as a Lecturer in Computer Science in the School of Computing and Intelligent Systems, Ulster University, Derry, UK.

He has extensive experience across academic and R&D in the areas of bio-inspired intelligent systems, machine learning, face detection and recognition, structured and unstructured data analytics, capital markets engineering, image processing and understanding. He has led a number of research and consultancy projects and has successfully supervised/co-supervised  8 PhD students to completion. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Associate Editor of Neurocomputing and has served as a Program Committee Member and a reviewer for several international conferences and journals.


Campus Address

CIS 305
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne


  • Computing Science PhD June 30 2007
  • Member Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) 2012
  • Fellow (FHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2010
  • Member Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 2009

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • A Dendritic Cell Immune System Inspired Approach Stock Market Manipulation Detection, Rizvi, B., Belatreche, A., Bouridane, A. 7 Mar 2019, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
  • Immune inspired Dendritic Cell Algorithm for Stock Price Manipulation detection, Abbas, B., Belatreche, A., Bouridane, A. 1 Mar 2019, Intelligent Systems Conference
  • A Highly Effective and Robust Membrane Potential-Driven Supervised Learning Method for Spiking Neurons, Zhang, M., Qu, H., Belatreche, A., Chen, Y., Yi, Z. Jan 2019, In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • Forecasting Short-term Wholesale Prices on the Irish Single Electricity Market, Arci, F., Reilly, J., Li, P., Curran, K., Belatreche, A. 1 Dec 2018, In: International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • A Supervised Learning Algorithm for Learning Precise Timing of Multiple Spikes in Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks, Taherkhani, A., Belatreche, A., Li, Y., Maguire, L. Nov 2018, In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems
  • A Multi-Objective Pareto-Optimal Wrapper based Framework for Cancer-Related Gene Selection, Ogutcen, O., Belatreche, A., Seker, H. Sep 2018, SAI Intelligent Systems Conference
  • Stock Price Manipulation Detection using Empirical Mode Decomposition based Kernel Density Estimation Clustering Method, Rizvi, B., Belatreche, A., Bouridane, A. Sep 2018, SAI Intelligent Systems Conference
  • EMPD: An Efficient Membrane Potential Driven Supervised Learning Algorithm for Spiking Neurons, Zhang, M., Qu, H., Belatreche, A., Xie, X. 1 Jun 2018, In: IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems
  • Feedforward computational model for pattern recognition with spiking neurons, Zhang, M., Qu, H., Li, J., Belatreche, A., Xie, X., Zeng, Z. 30 Jan 2018, In: International Journal of Robotics and Automation
  • Network on Chip Architecture for Multi-Agent Systems in FPGA, Gerlein, E., Mcginnity, T., Belatreche, A., Coleman, S. 27 Dec 2017, In: ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems

PGR Supervision

  • Omer Ogutcen Start: 19/07/2017
  • Baqar Rizvi Start: 01/03/2017
  • Abdouladeem Dreder Machine learning based approaches for identifying sarcopenia-related genomic biomarkers in ageing males and females Start: 20/01/2017

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