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Dr James' research explores responsible social and environmental practices in the fashion supply chain from a design perspective. Working closely with key stakeholders, in particular fashion consumers and brands, her work investigates how a collaborative approach can aid in moving the industry forward to a more sustainable future. 

Since the publication of her PhD in 2015, entitled Influencing Ethical Fashion Purchasing Behaviour, lines of inquiry have continued to explore the diverse approaches possible in the implementation of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Examples include: utilising zero-waste pattern cutting methods to lead the creative design process, engaging fashion consumers in a transparent business model, the inclusion of people in the product lifecycle in the consideration of ethics, the role of consumers and retailers in the application of sustainable values in fashion, how higher education contextualises sustainability as a key design tool and the challenges facing the adoption of circular principles in fashion. 

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  • Mind and Muscle: decoding the uniform of masculinity during the aids crisis, Younger, D., Sellars, N., James, A. 1 Mar 2023, In: Critical Studies in Men's Fashion
  • Rethinking the fashion value chain: how reshoring can create a localised product lifecycle and support sustainable economic growth, James, A., Mather, S., Sheridan, K. 30 Jan 2023, Novel sustainable alternatives for the textiles and fashion industry, Cham, Switzerland, Springer
  • Utilising 3D fashion design software to enable remanufacturing in sportswear, Wetherell, S., Nicholson, T., James, A. 5 Dec 2022, In: International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
  • The Future Generation of Fashion: How Higher Education Contextualises Sustainability as a Key Design Tool, James, A. 20 Sep 2021, The Routledge Companion to Fashion Studies, London, Taylor & Francis
  • The Future Generation of Fashion: How higher education contextualizes sustainability as a key design tool, James, A. 20 Sep 2021, The Routledge Companion to Fashion Studies, London, Taylor & Francis

  • Abigail Irving-Munro An Exploration into fashion waste streams to stop post-consumer and industry surplus going to landfill; How can innovation in the second-hand supply chain prevent clothing from being disposed? Start Date: 18/01/2021
  • Julia Wilmott “Re-fashioning a sustainable classic.” An exploration into potential knitted textile methods for further use of wool fibres in commercial fashion fabrics. Start Date: 01/04/2020

Design Studies PhD November 17 2014

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