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Dr Jose Munoz

VC Senior Fellow

Department: Applied Sciences

Campus Address

Northumbeland Building
4th Floor, NB430a

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Biochemical analysis of cross‐feeding behaviour between two common gut commensals when cultivated on plant‐derived arabinogalactan, Munoz, J., James, K., Bottacini, F., Van Sinderen, D. 9 May 2020, In: Microbial Biotechnology
  • A comprehensive review on tyrosinase inhibitors, Zolghadri, S., Bahrami, A., Hassan Khan, M., Munoz-munoz, J., Garcia-molina, F., Garcia-canovas, F., Saboury, A. 3 Jan 2019, In: Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Microalgae cultivation and harvesting, Okoro, V., Azimov, U., Munoz, J., Hernandez, H., Phan, A. 1 Nov 2019, In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
  • Structural and functional analyses of glycoside hydrolase 138 enzymes targeting chain A galacturonic acid in the complex pectin rhamnogalacturonan II, Labourel, A., Baslé, A., Munoz-Munoz, J., Ndeh, D., Booth, S., Nepogodiev, S., Field, R., Cartmell, A. 10 May 2019, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • A surface endogalactanase in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron confers keystone status for arabinogalactan degradation, Cartmell, A., Muñoz-Muñoz, J., Briggs, J., Ndeh, D., Lowe, E., Baslé, A., Terrapon, N., Stott, K., Heunis, T., Gray, J., Yu, L., Dupree, P., Fernandes, P., Shah, S., Williams, S., Labourel, A., Trost, M., Henrissat, B., Gilbert, H. 1 Nov 2018, In: Nature Microbiology
  • Catalysis and inhibition of tyrosinase in the presence of cinnamic acid and some of its derivatives, Garcia-jimenez, A., García-molina, F., Teruel-puche, J., Saura-sanmartin, A., Garcia-ruiz, P., Ortiz-lopez, A., Rodríguez-lópez, J., Garcia-canovas, F., Munoz-munoz, J. Nov 2018, In: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
  • The human gut microbe Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron encodes the founding member of a novel glycosaminoglycan-degrading polysaccharide lyase family PL29, Ndeh, D., Munoz Munoz, J., Cartmell, A., Bulmer, D., Wills, C., Henrissat, B., Gray, J. 16 Nov 2018, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • An evolutionarily distinct family of polysaccharide lyases removes rhamnose capping of complex arabinogalactan proteins, Munoz-Munoz, J., Cartmell, A., Terrapon, N., Baslé, A., Henrissat, B., Gilbert, H. 11 Aug 2017, In: The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Spectrophotometric Characterization of the Action of Tyrosinase on p-Coumaric and Caffeic Acids, Garcia-Jimenez, A., Munoz-Munoz, J., García-Molina, F., Teruel-Puche, J., García-Cánovas, F. 26 Apr 2017, In: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Unusual active site location and catalytic apparatus in a glycoside hydrolase family, Munoz-Munoz, J., Cartmell, A., Terrapon, N., Henrissat, B., Gilbert, H. 9 May 2017, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

PGR Supervision

Pedro Jesús Fernández Juliá Start: 01/12/2019


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