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Dr Richard Morton

Senior Lecturer

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Richard _mortonI graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2008 with a MPHYS Mathematics and Physics degree. I remained at Sheffield to complete my PhD in Applied Mathematics/Solar Physics, and accepted a position as a research scientist there. In 2012 I was appointed as Anniversary Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering at Northumbria University. In June 2014 I was awarded a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship to continue my research.





  • Applied Mathematics PhD September 01 2007
  • Information not provided Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) 2010

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • A chromospheric resonance cavity in a sunspot mapped with seismology, Jess, D., Snow, B., Houston, S., Botha, G., Fleck, B., Prasad, S., Asensio Ramos, A., Morton, R., Keys, P., Jafarzadeh, S., Stangalini, M., Grant, S., Christian, D. 1 Mar 2020, In: Nature Astronomy
  • A Theory of Change for improving children's perceptions, aspirations and uptake of STEM careers, Davenport, C., Dele-Ajayi, O., Emembolu, I., Morton, R., Padwick, A., Portas, A., Sanderson, J., Shimwell, J., Stonehouse, J., Strachan, R., Wake, L., Wells, G., Woodward, J. 8 Jan 2020, In: Research in Science Education
  • Global maps of the magnetic field in the solar corona, Yang, Z., Bethge, C., Tian, H., Tomczyk, S., Morton, R., Del Zanna, G., McIntosh, S., Gibson, S., Samanta, T., He, J., Chen, Y., Wang, L. 7 Aug 2020, In: Science
  • Is the High-Resolution Coronal Imager Resolving Coronal Strands? Results from AR 12712, Williams, T., Walsh, R., Winebarger, A., Brooks, D., Cirtain, J., De Pontieu, B., Golub, L., Kobayashi, K., Mckenzie, D., Morton, R., Peter, H., Rachmeler, L., Savage, S., Testa, P., Tiwari, S., Warren, H., Watkinson, B. Apr 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • The Drivers of Active Region Outflows into the Slow Solar Wind, Brooks, D., Winebarger, A., Savage, S., Warren, H., De Pontieu, B., Peter, H., Cirtain, J., Golub, L., Kobayashi, K., McIntosh, S., McKenzie, D., Morton, R., Rachmeler, L., Testa, P., Tiwari, S., Walsh, R. May 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • Using Transverse Waves to Probe the Plasma Conditions at the Base of the Solar Wind, Weberg, M., Morton, R., McLaughlin, J. May 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal
  • A basal contribution from p-modes to the Alfvénic wave flux in the Sun’s corona, Morton, R., Weberg, M., McLaughlin, J. 1 Mar 2019, In: Nature Astronomy
  • Bacterial sensors define intracellular free energies for correct enzyme metalation, Osman, D., Martini, M., Foster, A., Chen, J., Scott, A., Morton, R., Steed, J., Lurie-Luke, E., Huggins, T., Lawrence, A., Deery, E., Warren, M., Chivers, P., Robinson, N. 1 Mar 2019, In: Nature Chemical Biology
  • Damping of Propagating Kink Waves in the Solar Corona, Tiwari, A., Morton, R., Regnier, S., McLaughlin, J. 10 May 2019, In: The Astrophysical Journal
  • Fine-scale Explosive Energy Release at Sites of Prospective Magnetic Flux Cancellation in the Core of the Solar Active Region Observed by Hi-C 2.1, IRIS, and SDO, Tiwari, S., Panesar, N., Moore, R., Pontieu, B., Winebarger, A., Golub, L., Savage, S., Rachmeler, L., Kobayashi, K., Testa, P., Warren, H., Brooks, D., Cirtain, J., McKenzie, D., Morton, R., Peter, H., Walsh, R. 10 Dec 2019, In: Astrophysical Journal

PGR Supervision

Krishna Mooroogen Observing the dynamic Sun: MHD waves in the chromosphere Start: 01/10/2014


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