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Dr Penny Rumbold

Associate Professor

Department: Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation

Dr Penny Rumbold is Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Sport, Exercise and Nutrition and a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University. Teaching interests lie primarily in nutritional and physiological aspects of sport, exercise and health, and also paediatric exercise physiology and appetite regulation. Penny is also active in the provision of nutritional and physical activity education within the national school curriculum and works proactively to develop collaborative relationships with local primary and secondary schools as exemplified here:

  • 2012: Rumbold, P.L.S. & Turner, L. Awarded £2,992 from the Public Engagement Fund at Northumbria University to support a Primary School-University Partnership project - ‘Being a sport and exercise scientist: Discovering a healthier you’.
Penny Rumbold

Campus Address

City Campus; Room 230 Northumberland Building

Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

Dr Penny Rumbold is an Associate Professor in Exercise Nutrition in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University. Research and teaching interests lie primarily in the promotion of nutritional strategies to improve metabolic health in both adult and paediatric populations. Through her PhD work Penny focused on energy and appetite regulation in young athletes, specifically exploring the appetite and energy intake responses to netball-specific exercise in adolescent girls, under ‘free-living’ conditions. Since completing her PhD in 2010, Penny has been successful in gaining research funding from various industry partners (Dairy Council; Nourishmenow; Cool Milk) to fund one of her research interests focussed around the influence of milk and other dairy products on energy and appetite regulation in females, but also primarily in paediatric populations. Additional research interests also include the influence of active video games on appetite and energy intake in paediatric populations. Most recently Penny has been working collaboratively with local football academies (NUFC) to explore the implementation of nutritional interventions for supporting metabolic health in adolescent-academy football players. Currently this work involves profiling various sources of stress (e.g. high intensity training loads; growth and maturation; severe energy deficits) using measures of thyroid status, that adolescent-academy footballers are exposed to, which may potentially be promoting poor metabolic health. The findings of the profiling exercise will then inform acute and chronic nutritional interventions and educational strategies to facilitate restoration and maintenance of good nutritional practices and metabolic health in adolescent-academy footballers. Penny also works proactively to develop collaborative relationships with local primary and secondary schools to advise on nutritional practices to promote health in young people.

Key Publications

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Using animations to support student learning in undergraduate physiology, Peart, D., Keane, K., Allen, G., Bruce-Martin, C., Rumbold, P. 6 Oct 2020, In: Journal of Biological Education
  • Cow's milk as a post-exercise recovery drink: implications for performance and health, James, L., Stevenson, E., Rumbold, P., Hulston, C. 2 Jan 2019, In: European Journal of Sport Science
  • The effect of supplemental whey protein timing on postprandial glycaemia in centrally obese males, Allerton, D., Rumbold, P., West, D., Stevenson, E. 28 Mar 2019, In: British Journal of Nutrition
  • Whey protein consumption after resistance exercise reduces energy intake at a post-exercise meal, Monteyne, A., Martin, A., Jackson, L., Corrigan, N., Stringer, E., Newey, J., Rumbold, P., Stevenson, E., James, L. Mar 2018, In: European Journal of Nutrition
  • Metabolic, endocrine and appetite-related responses to acute and daily milk snack consumption in healthy, adolescent males, Green, B., Stevenson, E., Rumbold, P. Jan 2017, In: Appetite
  • Student Use and Perception of Technology Enhanced Learning in a Mass Lecture Knowledge-Rich Domain First Year Undergraduate Module, Peart, D., Rumbold, P., Keane, K., Allin, L. 1 Dec 2017, In: International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
  • The effects of an increased calorie breakfast consumed prior to simulated match-play in Academy soccer players, Briggs, M., Harper, L., McNamee, G., Cockburn, E., Rumbold, P., Stevenson, E., Russell, M. Aug 2017, In: European Journal of Sport Science
  • Acute post-exercise energy and macronutrient intake in lean and obese youth: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Thivel, D., Rumbold, P., King, N., Pereira, B., Blundell, J., Mathieu, M. 13 Sep 2016, In: International Journal of Obesity
  • Co-Ingestion of Whey Protein with a Carbohydrate-Rich Breakfast Does Not Affect Glycaemia, Insulinaemia or Subjective Appetite Following a Subsequent Meal in Healthy Males, Allerton, D., Campbell, M., Gonzalez, J., Rumbold, P., West, D., Stevenson, E. 25 Feb 2016, In: Nutrients
  • Comparison of short-term energy intake and appetite responses to active and seated video gaming, in 8-11-year-old boys., Allsop, S., Green, B., Dodd-Reynolds, C., Barry, G., Rumbold, P. Mar 2016, In: The British Journal of Nutrition

Professional Activity

PGR Supervision

  • Philip Stead . Start Date: 01/10/2015 End Date: 09/09/2021
  • Susan Allsop Acute Appetite, Energy Intake and Physical Activity Levels of 8 to 11 Year-Old Boys in Response to Active Video Gaming Start Date: 13/11/2014 End Date: 05/05/2016
  • Benjamin Green Appetite and Metabolic Responses to Acute and Moderate-Term Dairy Snack Consumption in Young People Start Date: 01/05/2012 End Date: 25/02/2016
  • Dean Allerton Postprandial Metabolic and Appetite Responses Following Whey Protein Supplementation at Breakfast Start Date: 16/12/2015 End Date: 20/04/2017
  • Graham Mytton Pacing Strategies in Competitive Middle Distance Events Start Date: 09/02/2015 End Date: 11/11/2016
  • Ruth Boldon Nutritional Interventions for Thyroid Function in Adolescent Academy Footballers Start Date: 05/02/2020 End Date: 28/09/2021
  • Marc Briggs Investigating the Dietary Habits of Adolescent Academy Soccer Players Start Date: 27/09/2016 End Date: 15/06/2017


  • Sport PhD July 05 2010
  • Senior Fellow (SFHEA) Higher Education Academy (HEA) 2016
  • Information not provided Nutrition Society (NS) 2010
  • Information not provided Institute for Learning (IFL) 2010
  • Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Register SENr

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