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Dr Shahid Rasul


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering


  • Dr. Rasul's major research focus is to develop efficient energy conversion and storage devices by photo-electrochemical processes for sustainable and renewable fuels.

    We conduct fundamental research in science and engineering of energy materials.

    We design the surface and bulk properties of materials in such a way that improves the enerygy efficiency of both energy conversion and storage devices.

Key Publications

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  • Low cost and efficient alloy electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction to formate, Rasul, S., Pugnant, A., Xiang, H., Fontmorin, J., Yu, E. 1 Jul 2019, In: Journal of CO2 Utilization
  • Enhanced selectivity of carbonaceous products from electrochemical reduction of CO2 in aqueous media, Xiang, H., Rasul, S., Scott, K., Portoles, J., Cumpson, P., Yu, E. 1 Mar 2019, In: Journal of CO2 Utilization
  • Rational design of Pd-TiO2/g-C3N4 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activity through interfacial charge transfer, Isimjan, T., Rasul, S., Aloufi, M., Khan, M., Alhowaish, I., Ahmed, T. 27 Feb 2019, In: Clean Energy
  • Annealing temperature effects on photoelectrochemical performance of bismuth vanadate thin film photoelectrodes, Shi, L., Zhuo, S., Abulikemu, M., Mettela, G., Palaniselvam, T., Rasul, S., Tang, B., Yan, B., Saleh, N., Wang, P. 16 Aug 2018, In: RSC Advances
  • Electrochemical reduction of C02 at multi-metallic interfaces, Rasul, S., Pugnant, A., Yu, E. 31 May 2018, Electrosynthesis of Fuels 5, Pennington, New Jersey, Electrochemical Society, Inc.
  • Life cycle, techno-economic and dynamic simulation assessment of bioelectrochemical systems, Shemfe, M., Gadkari, S., Yu, E., Rasul, S., Scott, K., Head, I., Gu, S., Sadhukhan, J. 1 May 2018, In: Bioresource Technology
  • Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) production in an integrated electromicrobial setup, Rowaihi, I., Paillier, A., Rasul, S., Karan, R., Grötzinger, S., Takanabe, K., Eppinger, J. 26 Apr 2018, In: PLoS One
  • Rational design of reduced graphene oxide for superior performance of supercapacitor electrodes, Rasul, S., Alazmi, A., Jaouen, K., Hedhili, M., Costa, P. 1 Jan 2017, In: Carbon
  • A process to enhance the specific surface area and capacitance of hydrothermally reduced graphene oxide, Alazmi, A., El Tall, O., Rasul, S., Hedhili, M., Patole, S., Costa, P. 7 Nov 2016, In: Nanoscale
  • Comparative study of synthesis and reduction methods for graphene oxide, Alazmi, A., Rasul, S., Patole, S., Costa, P. 25 Sep 2016, In: Polyhedron


Engineering PhD MnO2 electrodes for next generation Mg ion batteries August 26 2012


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