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Prof Ulrich Salzmann


Department: Geography and Environmental Sciences


Ulrich Salzmann ,-Northumbria -University WebSince 2010       Geography, Northumbria University, UK
2005 - 2009      British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge 
2005 - 2003      Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen
2002 - 1998      University of Frankfurt


PhD April 01 1994

Key Publications

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  • Diversification, Intensification, and Specialization, Kay, A., Fuller, D., Neumann, K., Eichhorn, B., Höhn, A., Morin-Rivat, J., Champion, L., Linseele, V., Huysecom, E., Ozainne, S., Lespez, L., Biagetti, S., Madella, M., Salzmann, U., Kaplan, J. 16 Feb 2019, In: Journal of World Prehistory
  • A late Holocene palaeoenvironmental ‘snapshot’ of the Angamma Delta, Lake Megachad at the end of the African Humid Period, Bristow, C., Holmes, J., Mattey, D., Salzmann, U., Sloane, H. 15 Dec 2018, In: Quaternary Science Reviews
  • The Lake CHAd Deep DRILLing project (CHADRILL) – targeting ~10 million years of environmental and climate change in Africa, Sylvestre, F., Schuster, M., Vogel, H., Abdheramane, M., Ariztegui, D., Salzmann, U., Schwalb, A., Waldmann, N. 22 Oct 2018, In: Scientific Drilling
  • Paleoceanography and ice sheet variability offshore Wilkes Land, Antarctica – Part 1: Insights from late Oligocene astronomically paced contourite sedimentation, Salabarnada, A., Escutia, C., Röhl, U., Nelson, C., Mckay, R., Jiménez-espejo, F., Bijl, P., Hartman, J., Strother, S., Salzmann, U., Evangelinos, D., López-quirós, A., Flores, J., Sangiorgi, F., Ikehara, M., Brinkhuis, H. 10 Jul 2018, In: Climate of the Past
  • Orbital, tectonic and oceanographic controls on Pliocene climate and atmospheric circulation in Arctic Norway, Panitz, S., Salzmann, U., Risebrobakken, B., De Schepper, S., Pound, M., Haywood, A., Dolan, A., Lunt, D. 1 Feb 2018, In: Global and Planetary Change
  • Southern Ocean warming and Wilkes Land ice sheet retreat during the mid-Miocene, Sangiorgi, F., Bijl, P., Passchier, S., Salzmann, U., Schouten, S., McKay, R., Cody, R., Pross, J., Van De Flierdt, T., Bohaty, S., Levy, R., Williams, T., Escutia, C., Brinkhuis, H. 22 Jan 2018, In: Nature Communications
  • Late Oligocene obliquity-paced contourite sedimentation in the Wilkes Land margin of East Antarctica: implications for paleoceanographic and ice sheet configurations, Salabarnada, A., Escutia, C., Röhl, U., Nelson, C., McKay, R., Jiménez-Espejo, F., Bijl, P., Hartman, J., Ikehara, M., Strother, S., Salzmann, U., Evangelinos, D., López-Quirós, A., Flores, J., Sangiorgi, F., Brinkhuis, H. 5 Dec 2017, In: Climate of the Past Discussions
  • Mid-Piacenzian variability of Nordic Seas surface circulation linked to terrestrial climatic change in Norway, Panitz, S., De Schepper, S., Salzmann, U., Bachem, P., Risebrobakken, B., Clotten, C., Hocking, E. 4 Dec 2017, In: Paleoceanography
  • Continental Climate Gradients in North America and Western Eurasia before and after the Closure of the Central American Seaway, Utescher, T., Dreist, A., Henrot, A., Hickler, T., Liu, Y., Mosbrugger, V., Portmann, F., Salzmann, U. 15 Aug 2017, In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Five thousand years of tropical lake sediment DNA records from Benin, Bremond, L., Favier, C., Ficetola, G., Tossou, M., Akouégninou, A., Gielly, L., Giguet-Covex, C., Oslisly, R., Salzmann, U. 15 Aug 2017, In: Quaternary Science Reviews


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