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Northumbria University uses a large team of externally recruited Invigilators to Co-ordinate and invigilate all exams held at both the City and Coach Lane campuses

The Role

The position of an Invigilator at Northumbria is one of responsibility with high standards and professionalism expected at all times. Our invigilators are a very important part of the student experience and their journey through their study with us, and as such, will work with internal service and faculty staff to make sure that examinations are organised smoothly. By working together as a team, our goal is to ensure that all students have an excellent examination experience.


As well as having an understanding of the information on the exam web pages, it is expected that before attending work at the university all Invigilators have read and fully understood the guidance below and that official procedure is followed at all times.

If there is any detail in the documents and links above that require further clarification please contact the Exams team.


We recruit to the Invigilation team once a year and all applicants must attend an Invigilation Information Session before we can consider allocating any work.  If you are interested in becoming an Invigilator at Northumbria, please email the Exams team letting us know your name, contact address and telephone and a brief summary about yourself.

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