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Your Northumbria Learning Experience

At Northumbria University our approach to creating a distinctive learning experience that engages, empowers and inspires achievement is simple but powerful. We have top academics, the most relevant courses and we work with you, at every stage, to maximise your potential.

When designing our courses we start with what we want you to achieve and, while we acknowledge that all disciplines are unique, there are core skills and behaviours that run throughout all the courses at Northumbria.

As well as building core skills and competencies that will set you up for success, whichever field you choose to enter, we also ensure that your learning experience is tailor-made for you. We treat you as a true partner, working with you to shape your course through option choices and projects or dissertations that allow you to specialise and differentiate yourself.

Quality and Consistency

To create Northumbria graduates that are instantly recognisable, every one of our students must receive the same quality learning experience. In order to consistently deliver this outstanding experience, we build our courses around the following four key principles:

Research-rich learning

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Northumbria actively builds all aspects of research into our learning agenda, equipping you with the skills to think independently, analyse data, manage ambiguities, communicate your ideas and justify your opinion.

You will work with leading academics, who will help you to identify your own interests and research them. Our academics not only treat you as an audience for their teaching but empower you to be part of their research. Consequently, you could be co-creators of knowledge and practices that will make an impact nationally and internationally.

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Real world experience

Opportunities to apply your knowledge and build your skills are embedded throughout all of our courses. These real world experiences will not only make you more employable but could fast track your career or help you start your own business.

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Digital learning

Applyhow _pgWe are living in a society where technology is integrated into everything we do and there is an expectation that we can connect both locally and globally online anytime and anywhere.

To enable this we embed technology into every aspect of our courses to enhance and support the learning experience for staff and students alike. This includes developments such as:

  • Online digital reading lists for all modules – led by our award-winning library team.
  • Electronic management of assessment – this enables students to submit their work and for feedback to be shared, online.
  • Lecture recording and digitising module materials – lectures can be pre-recorded or live recorded to give access to off-campus students, enabling you to engage with materials ahead of your lecture giving you more opportunities to interact and discuss with academics and fellow students, rather than just note taking.
  • Virtual learning platforms – these allow you to access materials, engage with students, staff and partners in live face to face conversations, set up discussion groups, and link into our social media channels.


Achieving together

Masters _openday1At Northumbria we want you to reach your full potential so, at each stage of your development, we will be clear about what is expected of you and ‘what good looks like’. You will only be set tasks that are relevant, understandable, realistic, achievable and timely, and that prepare you to achieve your future goals.

We use a variety of assessment methods because all students think and learn differently to each other. For example, opportunities for interaction and conversations around learning and assessment between you and your academic staff are created to support the development of self-assessment, reflection and autonomy.

We encourage the development of learning groups, learning communities and, most importantly, we aim to inspire positive motivational beliefs and self-esteem. Our academics act as facilitators ‘scaffolding’ you to do your own thing and helping you to learn.

Assessment at Northumbria is related to the real world and you will use feedback to enhance the next phase of your learning experience and evaluate your levels of achievement. Through dialogue, we will involve you in decision-making about assessment policy and practice, and provide opportunities, where appropriate, for choices in your topic, method, criteria, weighting or timing of assessments.

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