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Testing, Surveying and Prototyping Services

Access our specialist equipment and expertise.

We have a broad range of specialist equipment, facilities and expertise to help you define and fulfil your testing and surveying needs. Our experts and specialist technicians can help assess your testing requirements and guide you through the process.

Our facilities can be used for testing components and prototypes, through to samples from production runs. We specialise in failure mode analysis to help you improve your design and product’s reliability. We work with local and international clients to help solve their project challenges and can design bespoke equipment for non-standard tests.

We offer rapid prototyping services so that you can realise and test your designs quickly.

Our surveying and scanning capabilities extend from integrity monitoring of buildings and structures, through to thermal imaging to characterise heat loss, and the acoustic performance of rooms and public spaces.

Our environmental testing services extend from identification of contaminants in soils and fluids to monitoring air quality as part of occupational hygiene surveys and after major incidents.

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Ellison Building, Northumberland Road, Newcastle, NE1 8ST 

Our rapid prototyping service combines a range of 3D printing solutions with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and conventional machining capabilities. 

You can realise your designs and produce prototypes for marketing and functional testing rapidly, reducing your product development costs and prototype cycle times. We offer a mechanical design service to augment our 3D rapid prototyping service and ensure that you have access to a complete product design file.

    Mazak CNC   

We provide portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing that is particularly useful for determining the chemical composition of materials. 

XRF surveying is useful for identification, measurement and mapping of chemical contamination of soils and fluids.  We also offer a range of lab -based tests for sample characterisation. 

Our mobile air quality measurement and monitoring systems can be used for occupational hygiene surveys and at major incidents.



Testing of prototype structures, samples, components and products to explore failure modes, acceptance testing and define design rules. 

We have a range of test systems that measure mechanical strength and failure due to stress, fatigue, fracture, impact and corrosion.  We also offer environmental chamber testing with temperature and humidity cycling.

Single sample to large scale industrial test programmes can be defined.  We offer a full data and post-mortem analysis service that can include finite element modelling to help understand the failure modes and lead to improved designs.

We can also design and deliver bespoke test systems and test rigs for specialist testing and highly accelerated lifetime test (HALT) programmes.


Wind Tunnel      

Our extensive surveying and scanning capability include: LIDAR, photogrammetry and infra-red scanning. 

We can survey and scan buildings, structures, facilities and rooms to provide accurate structural representations and monitor changes, which may for instance be caused by subsidence.  We can also survey heat loss and advise on remedial solutions. 

Our acoustic reverberation time analysis service characterises a room’s acoustic performance.  We can advise on how to improve a room’s acoustics so that it best meets its intended use.

Use of our ground penetrating radar and seismic monitoring solutions can identify buried objects and utilities.  We can also monitor the integrity of buildings and structures to identify and locate faults that may require remedial action.



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