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Ways to Get Involved with IC3

Contact UsThe construction industry has long been told to modernise or die, but despite many government reports and recommendations, little progress has been made. IC3 aims to combat this culture of inertia by harnessing the talent and ambition of innovators in projects that demonstrate the value of working differently with tangible results, and inspire others across the industry to adopt new approaches.


As the lifeblood of IC3, these next generation building projects will draw on knowledge and expertise gained through IC3 innovation, acceleration and collaborative R&D programmes to demonstrate the value of new ways of working, and ensure new ideas find their way to market. Projects will encompass major tourism developments, innovative housing projects, modern university buildings, complex retrofitting and critical infrastructure.

Innovation and Acceleration Support

Accelerating the development of new products, services and ideas with the power to solve current and future industry challenges to market. Whether it’s an established business, a budding intrapreneur, a new start-up, or a combination, IC3 will provide the support, network and funding needed to bring exciting ideas to life.

Research and Development

Despite its longstanding position at the bottom of the R&D investment charts, 2019 saw the construction industry increase spending to a record high. IC3 will capitalise on this trend, helping organisations of all sizes across the industry access funding and engage in the critical research and development needed to solve big problems and seize new opportunities.

Education Reform

Construction is suffering from an aging workforce and shattered pipeline of new talent. More needs to be done to change the face of the industry and prepare fresh talent to drive organic transformation. IC3 will work with industry to revitalise the curriculum from school through to professional development, preparing educators to deliver the skills the industry desperately needs to innovate now and in the future.

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