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IP and Commercialisation

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With a global reputation for academic quality, we conduct ground-breaking research which can lead to new discoveries and technologies.

Working in partnership with your business, we create commercial opportunities to licence and develop new intellectual property (IP), together finding ways to apply new knowledge and innovations with maximum impact on your business.

We have a portfolio of technologies available for licence and we connect with business who are interested in licencing IP to develop new and existing products and processes and gain a competitive advantage.

We also have a number of knowledge-based tools available in our Knowledge Bank, developed from research at Northumbria University, which we offer for public use and benefit.

Our research groups offer a range of commercial services.

Northumbria University is part of the Northern Accelerator.

Our team has the expertise in taking new research findings and working with businesses to turn them into commercial realities. We can provide advice on IP protection, including patents, and arrange licensing deals and spin-out opportunities. By shaping solutions for the challenges of the future, the benefits for all parties can be far-reaching.

For academics looking for information on invention disclosures, IP and patents, the commercialisation process or setting up a spin-out company, further information can be found under IP Commercialisation on the University intranet.

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The world is changing faster than ever before. The future is there to be won by organisations who find ways to turn today’s possibilities into tomorrow’s competitive edge.



Northumbria’s consultancy services put our expertise to work tackling the questions or problems you’re facing. We bring an independent and knowledgeable perspective to solve business challenges.


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