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The Northern Hub for Veterans and Military Families Research

The Northern Hub for Veterans and Military Families Research is a collective of academics, service providers and service users with an interest in improving the health and social wellbeing of veterans and their families across the life-span.

The hub has evolved from the interests of Dr Matthew Kiernan Lieutenant Commander RN(Q) retired and Dr Mick Hill. It has established itself through an evolutionary process attracting and welcoming anyone with a genuine interest in its vision. We openly welcome visionary and innovative research that helps improve and understand the complexities that our veterans and their families experience across the whole life-span. A fundamental principle of the hub is collaboration in research for the benefit of others.

The Northern Hub for Veterans and Military Families Research developed an online directory of services available to the veteran community.

The online directory is publicly available at:

Dr Matthew Kiernan

Senior Lecturer In Research Methodologies.

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Dr Gemma Wilson

Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in Applied Health.

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Our primary focus will be on veterans and their families across the life span, with the following objectives:

    • Understanding the complexities of health and social care service delivery, undertaking collaborative translational research projects to improve care
    • Introduce innovative social research methodology to resolve complex social and health barriers for veterans and their families
    • Advancing veteran status  within the field of health and social care
    • Working with veteran populations that are difficult to reach or have problems that are socially isolating, i.e. Homelessness, substance misuse
    • Expand the use of service user involvement in veteran and families research and service delivery, peer lead work
    • Develop and share international best practice
    • Support and facilitate collaborative research across all health, social and educational sectors.

Contact Us

For more information about our research and projects please contact:

Dr Matthew Kiernan

Tel: 0191 215 6367

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