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Case Study - Kelly Maxwell

Kelly Maxwell, Founder of Kelly's Heroes Private Tuition Ltd

Tell me about your business?

Kelly Maxwell 255 x 255I’m Kelly, 31, owner and founder of Kelly’s Heroes Private Tuition Ltd where we offer one to one and small group tuition to children of ages 5-16. We have two fantastic learning centres, one in Low Fell and the other in Ponteland. Our centres emphasis positivity and are unique (for example we have a tropical terrace, graffiti walls etc) both centres mirror each other. We teach maths, English, science and have a focus on building confidence, self-esteem and ensuring children flourish in life.

What challenge were you facing as an SME?

There was a real gap in the market for one to one and small group private tuition so once I started my business it quickly snowballed, and I suddenly became very busy. The speed in which things took off resulted in me having to make quick decisions about all aspects of the business without having much time to think them through. Before I decided to sign up to the Help to Grow: Management programme I truly felt I was burning the candle at both ends.

Ultimately, I’m a teacher and not a business manager but I was thrown into having think about every aspect of running a business from business development to social media and marketing to accounting, how to be a good leader and how to manage difficult staffing issues.  

I was constantly questioning myself and wondering if what I was doing was best for the business and the best approach I could take. A lot of the time I had to just go for it without thinking things through carefully as I wasn’t aware of the different ways you could do things but also, I didn’t have the headspace or time to think things through properly.

How did the Help to Grow: Management programme at Northumbria University help to provide a solution to this challenge?

If it hadn’t been for the programme, I can honestly say I don’t know where the business would be now. The programme came along at the perfect time and in hindsight, you only dedicate a very small amount of time in comparison to the results you can achieve from completing the course.

The programme was a fantastic course to develop my leadership and management skills as well as developing marketing strategies. It helped to provide me with the time I needed to take a step back and really focus on the business, rather than just working ‘in it’ every day.

What have been the benefits to your personal development, your team and organisation as a result?

The mentoring part of the programme was incredibly rewarding and hands down my favourite part of the course.

My mentor broke things down into a digestible format which helped to show the simple changes I could make for substantial benefits in return. This part of the programme also provided focus so I could clearly see the best routes I need to implement to take my business forward, how to be a good leader and maximise profits. 

My direction for the business and the team is so much clearer and I truly believe that is down to the programme helping to provide me with a fresh perspective.

I’m so excited to now be in the stage where I can implement the necessary changes and see the benefits in return.

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