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Why Small Business Matters Podcast

We're excited to bring you an entertaining podcast for business owners and managers - Why Small Business Matters. 

The podcast provides a platform for successful small business leaders to tell their stories, offer advice and unravel what it means to be a successful SME. 

Brought to you by the Help to Grow Management delivery team, Small Business Matters takes a light-hearted but inciteful look behind the scenes with contributions from rising entrepreneurs and leaders of established SMEs that have been trading for many years.  It will find out what gets them up in the morning, how they've navigated recent challenges and their vision for small business in the region, the country and across the globe.

Episodes will be released each month so keep checking back or follow us on LinkedIn to see when each episode is released. In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast here or find, listen and subscribe to us directly us on:


Apple Podcasts 

Listen to the latest episode below;

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