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Study Abroad - Olivia Wells

Name: Olivia Wells

Degree: Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Home University: RMIT University, Australia

When did you study at Northumbria University?

From September 2018 to January 2019.

What subject did you study at Northumbria?

Graphic Design.

Why did you decide to do Study Abroad?

I decided to study abroad as it is something I have had as a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. I have always found travelling a huge inspiration in my design work. As a keen traveller I found it hard having to stay in the one place during the semester, study abroad was the perfect opportunity to stop my desires to travel by being immersed in a new city while still working towards my degree. I knew the experience would add to my education by seeing different design practices on the on the opposite side of the world.

Why did you decide to come to Northumbria University?

I put in a lot of thought and research on where I wanted to study; I finally decided to apply for Northumbria University as I had heard so many good things about the university. I really wanted to study in England as I have always loved the British culture and Newcastle sounded like the perfect location for me. Upon arriving at Newcastle I attended an orientation session with other international students. We were introduced to our teachers, shown our classrooms and facilities available to us. I was overwhelmed by the incredible facilities that the university had which made me very excited for the upcoming semester. I also appreciated the support given by the staff at the university. This all definitely confirmed to me that I had made the right decision to study at Northumbria.

What is your favourite memory of being at Northumbria?

Throughout my time abroad I travelled to 11 different countries. When I returned back to Australia I was asked by friends and family where was my favourite place I travelled to, my response was Newcastle. I enjoyed living in Newcastle, my daily routine, getting coffee with uni friends, making meals with housemates, catching the bus to Northumbria, seeing snow fall for the first time, watching The Great British Bake Off, drinking lots of tea, nights out, eating digestive biscuits, my uni classes, drinking pints at the pub and immersing myself in the British culture. 

Did you find living in Newcastle expensive?

I found Newcastle a lot cheaper than my home city of Melbourne. It was easy to live on a tight budget. Because of this I was able to afford to travel around the UK and Europe, adding a great deal to my experience and not having to worry about money.

How will you use your experience of Studying Abroad at Northumbria in the future?

I learnt so much studying at Northumbria. Moving to a city where I didn't know anyone made me grow in my confidence and independence. The teachers were so helpful and knowledgeable. I left Newcastle feeling more confident about my work and obtaining more knowledge about the design industry than I ever have. I feel because of this I am more employable and feel prepared for my future career.


What advice would you give to a student who is thinking of coming to Northumbria to Study Abroad?

I would tell them enjoy every moment, work hard, explore, take every opportunity that comes towards you because you will have the best time and it will be over so quickly. 

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