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Study Abroad - Brandon Grange

Name: Brandon Grange

Degree: International Business Management

Location(s): Year Two Semester Two at University of Central Florida, Sandwich Year Semester One at Korea University and Semester Two at KU Leuven in Belgium

Why did you decide to do study abroad?

I decided to study abroad because I have always had an interest in living in different countries and experiencing different cultures and study abroad was the perfect opportunity to do this.

Why did you decide to go to the university you went to?

I decided on Korea University because it is unlikely I’ll ever get another chance to spend a few months living in Asia. It was a country that couldn’t be any more different to the UK and I wanted to be put outside my comfort zone. The university is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Korea, so it was an easy choice.

What was your stand out moment during study abroad?

In the past year of studying abroad it is impossible to single out an individual moment, there have been too many. I’ve been able to do things like sunbathe in the Bahamas, climb volcanos in Guatemala and eat sushi in Japan, none of which would’ve happened without studying abroad.

Was it expensive to study abroad?

Not at all. With things like the travel grant and an increased student loan I ended up spending only a little more than I would have for a semester at Northumbria. Especially in Korea with the ITS program (International Student Town), where I was given around £1000, free meals and free accommodation in return for mentoring two Korean students in English for a few hours per week.

Why do you think this will help you in your future studies at Northumbria and future career?

It has massively improved my confidence in everyday life, which will have a positive impact on my studies and my future career. It has also made me a lot more independent, aware and openminded. I have also learnt a lot through the various teaching methods used that differ from at Northumbria. Finally, if I am to work in a global company in the future, the language skills and cultural understanding will be a huge benefit to have.

If you could offer some advice to students thinking of going on study abroad what would you say?

100% you should do it. It is very scary at first, but every exchange student is in the same position making it very easy to settle. You will make lifelong friends and make some of the best memories of your life. I cannot recommend it enough.

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