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NISS 2017 - Andrea Georgescu


What did you enjoy most about Northumbria International Summer School?


I do think that is going to be an excellent opportunity to grow both professional and personal skills. I have the occasions to try something different like the education, to meet new people over the world, learn more about new cultures and backgrounds, interchange experiences, to change my vision about the world. I can say it is an educational experience but also it is an eye opening.


Would you recommend studying abroad at Nothumbria?


Without doubts. truly recommend everyone to study at Northumbria and trust me I am not the only one.During my research about the Northumbria University I have questioned a few students about how is being a student here and all the feedback was amazingly positive.


Do you feel that you have been supported through the process with applying,accommodation, studying etc ?


The staff and the tutors were aiding and guiding us with every single step, everything was well-organised and overall everyone was very supportive . I will feel very comfortable within nice and friendly environment as it is a great place.


Describe your experience at Northumbria in three words.

unique, challenging, inspiring











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