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CV and Cover Letter Tools

Creating a professional CV and Cover Letter for the job vacancies you sourced is an important next step. There are online tools on our portal which will help you to generate a cover letter easily, whilst giving you feedback about your CV against 50+ checks. 


What You Can Find

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CV 360


Many employers use ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to check CVs for spelling, grammar, length, headings, format and many more, before the recruiter for the job reads it. CV 360 quickly checks your CV for 50+ format and style checks, providing detailed feedback within seconds.




Cover Letter Builder


A cover letter or covering email is the most effective method you have at your disposal to get a recruiter or potential employer to read your CV. It is also the first opportunity you have to impress them. 

The Cover Letter Builder is made up of these four sections, introduction and interest, why you fit, provide more details, next step & close. These are all the basics needed to create a successful cover letter. By simply clicking ‘Next’, you will be able to learn more about what each of these sections mean and how to create your cover letter. You will also learn more about cover letters, find a selection of examples and gain useful tips and advice.


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