Case studies

The case studies below provide a small sample of the work that our leading researchers have undertaken.

Our research is high quality and relevant nationally and internationally. What we do with our research really does matter. We use it to help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. We push the boundaries of design, engineering, health and technology - just to name a few of our areas of expertise. We also contribute to social policy and government agendas.  

Data mining technique developed at Northumbria helps call centre improve efficiency

Valley Care is a telecare service with more than 5,000 vulnerable and elderly customers and receives around 130,000 calls every year. Its aim is to assist people to live independently in their own homes.

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Record-keeping strategies for the digital age

The explosion in digital information and accompanying technology experienced over the last two decades has transformed the job of record managers and archivists. Researchers at Northumbria University are among the UK’s leading experts on digital records management.

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Northumbria University researchers help people with Parkinson’s to walk

A therapy technique pioneered and evaluated for use in the home setting by researchers at the University of Northumbria in collaboration with researchers in The Netherlands and Belgium, is helping people with Parkinson’s to walk.

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Making it work: involving older people in their own care

Research carried out by gerontologists at Northumbria University created a framework based on six principles to effectively involve older people in decision making processes.

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Conserving modern art

Highly sensitive techniques for analysing artists’ materials developed by Dr Brian Singer at Northumbria University have influenced conservation treatments for works of art by Edvard Munch, and other artists, and to confirm the authenticity of previously unattributed drawings by Francis Bacon.

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Northumbria researchers help large corporates improve their products

Nzomics, a service set up by researchers at Northumbria University’s Department of Applied Sciences, develops biocatalysts that enable pharmaceutical and chemical companies to run their processes in a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

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Digitising the construction industry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) brings construction into the digital age. BIM is the structured creation, sharing, use and re-use of digital information about a building or built asset throughout its entire lifecycle.

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Virtual city provides an interactive platform for architects, planners, heritage and the arts

For Gateshead and Newcastle Councils, their urban planning process has been significantly improved with the creation of the Virtual Newcastle Gateshead (VNG) City Model, a dynamic virtual model of Newcastle created by researchers at Northumbria University.

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Institutional capacity building for cultural built heritage in south east Europe

Conflict and war are not conducive to the preservation of cultural heritage. Not only are ancient sites destroyed and plundered but often records and inventories are too, making it difficult to know what has been lost.

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Innovation method creates commercial value for business

Businesses have to innovate to stay competitive, but innovation rarely occurs spontaneously: more often than not it requires a helping hand to tease out the potential.

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20th Century Design from Shipley to New York

Visitors to Shipley Art Gallery in the North East of England and MA students in New York may be thousands of miles apart but are linked by the work and research of Professor Cheryl Buckley.

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Creating immersive audio-visual experiences

Audiences in China, the UK, Singapore and Canada are experiencing innovative immersive audio-visual performance, thanks to a research project by Dr Stephen Gibson at Northumbria University.

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KTP improves efficiency and reduces waste at iNPIPE Products

Researchers from Newcastle Business School have helped increase operational efficiency and turnover at iNPIPE Products (IPP), a UK-based SME that specialises in oil and gas pipeline maintenance products.

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Books and pop music: challenging conventions that define high and low culture

Pop music is ‘low’ culture and literature definitely ‘high’ culture. Through his research, Dr Adam Hansen is challenging the cultural assumptions that erect barriers between these two art forms.

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Before Depression - a literary perspective on mental health

It seems unlikely that modern medical professionals would have much to learn from scholars of eighteenth-century English literature. Yet, research in the English Department at Northumbria University is helping to bring an historical perspective to modern thinking about depression.

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Re-assessing own language use in English language teaching

Research is challenging widespread perspectives on teaching English as a second or additional language. During the 20th century it was widely accepted in the professional literature that excluding the learner’s own language from the classroom was the best way to teach English to foreign speakers.

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