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Open Access

Northumbria University's vision is to grow our high quality research and apply our knowledge for the benefit of individuals, society and the economy. Open access publication is integral to scholarly communication in the digital age and making our research open access will help us to achieve this aim.

Open Access IllustrationMany research funders now require publications based on their funding to be made freely available online without restrictions on re-use - commonly known as 'Open Access'. HEFCE's Open Access Research Policy is most significant. Since 1st April 2016, all journal articles and conference proceedings have been required to be made open access within three months of acceptance of publication by depositing the peer-reviewed, author accepted version in an institutional repository - this is commonly known as 'Green' open access.

Northumbria University has adopted an open access policy which will ensure compliance with HEFCE and other funder policies. We have also made a significant investment in an open access publication fund which will enable us to enhance impact for selected publications through open access publication directly on the journal website - known as 'Gold' open access.

Follow the three steps below to ensure compliance and access the publication fund:

  1. For all journal articles and conference proceedings deposit the accepted manuscript in the University's Comprehensive Research Information System, Pure, upon acceptance for publication. The deposit will not go live until Library staff have checked compliance with publisher policies. An embargo will be applied where relevant. Forward the acceptance email to the Library's Scholarly Publications
  2. If your funder's policy mandates open access publication via the Gold route (check at SHERPA-Juliet), the Scholarly Publications Team ( will support you to pay any article processing charges.
  3. The open access publication fund is also available for other selected publications. In some areas this is based on a list of high quality journals, while for others it is based on internal peer review of the research itself. Contact your departmental Director of Research & Innovation for advice. If you would like to access the fund you need to do this before publication (e.g. while your draft is being reviewed or while you are making corrections) as paying for articles to be made open access is not possible following publication.

Further advice is available from the Library's Scholarly Publications Team ( and via FAQs, guidance and workflows on the University's dedicated Open Access webpages.

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