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Nutrition and Food


Lead: Dr John Lodge 

The Nutrition & Food Research Group is a vibrant group that undertakes research from food science to the interface between food science and nutrition, to human dietary interventions in the context of public health. Specifically, we have interests in diet and cardiovascular health, markers of ageing, microbiomes and gut health (in collaboration with Exploring and Exploiting Microbial Diversity) and use a variety of approaches to study these conditions at both the molecular and whole-body level. We also investigate food microbiology, food security and food analysis, and new-product development that encompasses food science and nutrition. Our expertise in biochemical, molecular, physiological and ‘multi-Omics’ analyses underpins NUTRAN, our interdisciplinary nutrition-focused clinical trials unit.  

The Nutrition & Food Research Group has a strong industrial focus and has collaborations with large multi-nationals and regionally based small and medium enterprises. We have been successful in obtaining research funding from sources such as UK Research and Innovation (BBSRC, NIHR, Innovate UK), government agencies (Food Standards Agency, HEIF), charities and other funding avenues. 

We welcome enquiries from potential doctoral or post-doctoral researchers, and other collaborators, interested in working with us.

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