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The Unit’s research in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the integration of network systems has helped solve issues faced by businesses and industries as they develop digitally. 

Image shows red and black logo for ADLINKADLINK 

Our research in AI, computing vision, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is aiding well established companies to diversify their services and innovate within their field, leading to increased wealth creation. For example, in 2015 ADLINK approached our CyberNets group to create a novel solution for data transfer and sharing of large volumes of data in IoT systems. Our staff used their expertise in data sharing, analysis, and management of IoT systems with diverse sensors and networking protocols to develop a successful knowledge transfer partnership, contributing to the development of their flagship product ADLINK EDGE. 

Image showing red mymo logoMymo 

Researchers have worked with start-up company Mymo to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm for a new product that helps runners choose the right pair of trainers. The sensor, worn in a sock, analyses a runner’s gait pattern and uses artificial intelligence to match running style to a suitable pair of shoes on the market. Researchers are now working with the NHS to explore diversification of the Mymo product for use in older adult medicine.  

Smyths Toys 

Our research expertise in cloud-based deep learning approaches using Google Cloud Platform facilitated a joint project with Smyths Toys. We worked with this company through a knowledge transfer partnership project for the design and implementation of multi-modal, ensemble approaches to sales' trend of a given item without historical sales data. The Machine Learning tools utilised a wide feature set including unique features from social media sources. 

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