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Geochemistry, Ecology, Climate and Conservation

Geochemistry, Ecology, Climate and Conservation explores the theoretical and applied aspects of how human behaviour impacts on natural systems such as landscape and ecosystem dynamics, environmental monitoring, and risk and resilience. Our research combines quantitative and qualitative techniques to produce intervention-based science in order to improve outcomes for the natural world and society. 

The multiple environmental challenges within our urban areas and surrounding spaces need to be tackled holistically to improve the quality of the environment and health outcomes for all, with a particular focus on addressing social and environmental injustices. Our research will champion interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives, employing a whole-systems approach that mainstreams sustainable development in urban/peri urban environments to deliver interventions for policy and practice challenges. 



Projects and Collaborations 

CACOON: Changing Arctic Ocean

The effects of climate change are causing increased quantities of water, nutrients and carbon to be delivered from the rivers of Eurasia and America into the Arctic ocean. This project will investigate the processes and implications involved in this transition of carbon from land to water. Researchers will measure and find out more about processes that are not well understood at the land-ocean interface to gain unique insights into the functioning of these dynamic near-shore environments.  

Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure  

Mainstreaming green infrastructure is the principle of incorporating multi-purpose green spaces and natural features into urban planning. To date, the potential of this has not been fully realised or incorporated into practice due to limited resources and a lack of evidence supporting its benefits. This project aims to address the challenges around the implementation and delivery of green infrastructure such as how its benefits and value can be communicated and integrated into policy and practice.  

Home Biome Project

We typically spend over 90% of our days indoors, yet despite this our indoor environments are not well understood. The home ‘biome’ project is a collaboration between households and scientists around the world to build a more detailed picture of the relationship between chemical, biological, and physical particles within the home biome and how household air pollution affects our health.  

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