Art and Design

REF 2014

  • Northumbria is in the UK top 10 for research power in Arts and Design.

  • Northumbria is rated top 25 in the UK for its Art and Design research environment.

Art and Design's research groups combine academic innovation with critical exploration and engage with the creative and cultural industries through partnerships recognised for their excellence.

Research embraces a broad range of subjects, including applied research in Fine Art, Performance, human-computing Interaction Design and Design for commercial or social Innovation, and scholarly research into Design Issues and Visual and Material Cultures.

BxNU Institute

The BxNU Institute aims to invest research capacity into professional contemporary art, performance and curatorial practices. From its base at BALTIC 39, researchers and postgraduate students develop their practice in a supportive, stimulating environment of leading academics...

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Design Issues

Design Issues research is typified by investigations that aim to address complex and interdependent issues; where problems are not isolated to any one particular sector or discipline and can be characterised as emergent phenomena with non-linear uncertainties.

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The evolving theoretical and practical role of the co-designer in 21st century society, for instance design-led innovation in healthcare product and service development directly with established SMEs in the healthcare sector, is the key imperative for research within Innovate.

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Interaction Design

Our academics in Interaction Design are focused on meeting the challenges presented by new technologies in the 21st century. These are considered broadly within design, arts, healthcare and humanities.

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Performance and Identity

The group's achievements include the authorship of the play 'Motherland' (2008) with its focus on Afghanistan and Iraq combatant's personal relationships, and the international presentation of the performance 'The Tin Ring' (2011) based on a Holocaust memoir.

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Visual & Material Culture

Members of this research group are engaged with histories and analyses of art, culture, design and architecture from the mid-nineteenth century to the present in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America.

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We Are Global

Living in the 21st Century, the world is getting smaller and becoming more connected every day. At Northumbria University we recognise and respond to this fast paced, dynamic world and are operating on a global scale more than ever before.