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Computer & Electronic Security Systems (CESS)

Meet our staffFinding solutions to the modern world's most complex security problems is the focus of our academics in this cluster.

Research in this area has led to the development of novel solutions to current problems with advances made in biometric recognition - using the face, iris, palmprints and fingerprints - shoeprint matching, digital watermarking for media security, visual surveillance and digital forensics - situational awareness. Academics are committed to developing world-leading systems for biometric and digital media security problems and aim to deliver robust computer and electronic computer security systems that run on mobile platforms and in real time. They are also researching practical ways of embedding real-time, secure system solutions.

This expertise is also accessible to regional businesses. The Northumbria University Warning, Advice & Reporting Point (nuWARP) provides guidance and solutions to SMEs on system vulnerabilities and compromise avoidance, with a range of services available depending on the digital security needs of the organisation.

Case Study:  Improving cyber security to beat the online crooks

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