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Staff Profiles

Staff engaged in linguistics research


Our research covers a very wide range of topics in language, linguistics and language teaching. We have particular expertise in cognitive linguistics, first and second language acquisition, forensic linguistics, language evolution, language variation and change, language in education, language teaching, medical communication, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, stylistics, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).


a man wearing glasses and smiling at the cameraProf. Billy Clark

Professor Billy Clark leads research in linguistics at Northumbria University. His research interests include aspects of linguistic semantics, pragmatics, prosodic meaning, stylistics, multimodal meaning and semantic change... more>>


Simone Dappert smiling for the cameraDr Sarah Duffy

Dr Sarah Duffy is Director of Employability and Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics in the Department of Humanities at Northumbria, where she has been based since 2016. Prior to this, she held a lectureship... more>>


ADSS Andrewfeeney Facultystaff 255Dr Andrew Feeney

I completed my first degree in Humanities (English and European Literature), before embarking in 1986 on a lengthy journey teaching English language in Spain, Colombia and the Middle East. I returned to Britain and the north east in 2000... more>>


William GuarientoDr William Guariento

Senior Lecturer... more>>


ADSS Graham Hall Facultystaff 255Prof. Graham Hall

My undergraduate degree was in Geography, after which I taught English (TESOL) in Hungary, Poland, Saudi Arabia and the UK (I also had a brief spell as a secondary school Geography teacher). During this... more>>


Mimi HuangDr Mimi Huang

I came to Newcastle and joined the department in the summer of 2008 after having completed a PhD degree in cognitive linguistics at Nottingham University. My research interests span across cognitive linguistics, healthcare communication... more>>


ADSS Alexleung Facultystaff 255Dr Alex Ho-Cheong Leung

I grew up in Hong Kong where I obtained my BA (Hons) in Contemporary English studies. During my undergraduate studies I went to Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania (US) for an exchange programme... more>>


a woman smiling for the cameraDr. Nicci MacLeod

Dr Nicci MacLeod gained her PhD in 2010 from Aston University on the language of police interviews with women reporting rape.After a brief period working as a Research Fellow for the University of Aberdeen based in Dublin on a project investigating... more>>


ADSS Robert Mckenzie Facultystaff 255Dr Robert McKenzie

I returned to Scotland and taught at the University of Edinburgh for 2 years and completed an MSc in Applied Linguistics. In 1996 I began working at the University of Glasgow. During this time I completed a PhD in Sociolinguistics... more>>


a person smiling for the cameraDr Rola Naeb

I completed my BA in English Language and Literature from Aleppo University in Syria in 1998.  I then went on to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics in 1999 and another in Translation and Interpreting in 2001... more>>


ADSS Jamesstreet Facultystaff 255Dr James Street

I graduated with BA (Hons) in Sociology from the University of Sheffield where my research interests were in the (complex) relationship between language and social disadvantage. Following my BA graduation... more>>


a man smiling for the cameraDr Phillip Wallage

I did an undergraduate degree in English Language at the University of Edinburgh, where my interest in the history of English began. At York, I went on to specialise in the study of language change using language corpora... more>>


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