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Transnational and Comparative Law & Policy

Meet our staffThis research cluster has engaged in contemporary issues which address a range of human rights, comparative evaluations of Polynesian state infrastructures, Anglo-American private international law and international environmental concerns.

Academics are considering issues of human rights capacity development, governance and constitutionality and international environmental law issues within India and Europe. Academics are collaborating institutionally and internationally on edited books addressing transnational contemporary issues in human rights, environmental law and private international law.

Specialised expertise in the legal systems of South Pacific island states is being used as case studies to link with broader global themes such as human rights, issues linked to sovereignty for least-developed small island countries and indigenous people, international intellectual property regimes and the practical implications that arise where different legal systems interface.

A developing theme has been engagement within private international law and the evaluation of new European initiatives for contractual and non-contractual obligations in the Rome I and II Regulations.

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