Library and Information Management

REF 2014

  • The Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF2014) results show significant success for Library and Information Management. This is a result of our excellent publications, of which 41% are ranked as world leading or internationally excellent. 

  • 90% of our research impact was judged to show very considerable reach and significance.

Library and Information Management research is located in the Department of Mathematics & Information Sciences which is recognised as an iSchool within the international iSchool network for the quality of and depth of its funded and doctoral research, and its teaching. The iSchool's research is characterised by its range of increasingly interconnected specialisms across the Information Management and Information Systems discipline.

Digital Consumers, Behaviour and Literacy

This research aims to understand the complex behaviours associated with information-seeking in a variety of contexts. By analysing behaviours, researchers can adapt knowledge strategies to enable people to access and use information more effectively.

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Digital Libraries, Archives and Records

Researchers explore the way digital information is used and managed. They investigate the people, processes and systems of managing records in digital environments where boundaries between personal and business information can sometimes become blurred.

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Digital Socio-technical Design

Research in this area aims to improve digital systems design, adoption, acceptance, security and sustainability, and uses complexity theory to facilitate positive transformation for both individuals and organisations.

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We Are Global

Living in the 21st Century, the world is getting smaller and becoming more connected every day. At Northumbria University we recognise and respond to this fast paced, dynamic world and are operating on a global scale more than ever before.