Being Human

Researchtheme 5_largeThe Institute will explore - in a cross-disciplinary way - the many facets of what it is to be 'human':  including the types of political formation and identity; the rituals of cultural memory; the impulses towards settlement and diaspora; the forms of artistic and creative self-representation; and the modes of communicative interaction and literary expression that make human beings what they are.


What makes humans tick? What drives us in terms of culture, creativity, impulses and many other human facets?

The Institute of the Humanities at Northumbria University is committed to studying the human experience across time. Our critical scholarship aims to disrupt accepted paradigms and address societal challenges through a deep awareness of the human condition.

We are recognised for world-leading research in several Humanities’ disciplines. Results from the 2014 Research Excellence Framework showed that, for both English and History, Northumbria University is ranked in the top quartile of UK universities. Our researchers have attracted major funding from Research Councils UK as well as the British Academy, Leverhulme Trust and Nuffield Foundation.

Our current work focuses on five strategic areas: Memory, Heritage and Identity; Transnationalism and Societal Change; Digital Humanities; Medical/Health Humanities; and American Studies.

This research brings together the disciplines of Art History, American Studies, Creative Writing, English Language and Linguistics, English Literature, History, and Media Studies.