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Offer Holder Information

Are you a current offer holder? Find out more about your next steps.

Information for offer holders

This page is for current offer holders and aims to provide you with information on your next steps until enrolment.


A conditional offer means you have some outstanding conditions to meet before we can issue you an Unconditional Offer.  This will normally be academic conditions but may also include other things like portfolios.


For applicants that have applied via UCAS the university receives some main results such as A levels and BTEC when they are released in the Summer. Please check UCAS Qualification List to see if the University will receive your results directly.

For all other qualifications and for all direct applicants you will need to upload your results on your applicant portal as soon as they are ready.  We do not accept results via email, they must be uploaded to your portal to avoid delay.

If your offer includes a Portfolio Condition, then you should upload this to the applicant portal as soon by the date specified in your portfolio request. You should pay attention to the Portfolio Guidelines for Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, as portfolios that do not meet the guidelines for the course will be returned.

This is known as a Dual Offer. If you have been made a Dual Offer, this means that if you do not receive the tariff points for the degree programme, but receive the points for the relevant foundation year programme, we will automatically make you a change course offer to the foundation at confirmation.  This means that you will begin a foundation year at Northumbria and move to the degree programme after completion of the foundation year. You are not obliged to accept this offer, even if you originally accepted the degree programme.  Academics from the department will be available to discuss the foundation programme with you, if you are made this change of course, when you get your results before you decide.


Viewing and responding to your offer

UCAS applicants

If you have applied by UCAS you will only be able to accept or decline your offer once you have received all your decisions from all your choices.  Once you have all your decisions back, you will see a date in your UCAS Hub that you need to respond to your offers by. If you do not reply by the date specified your offer will be declined automatically for you by UCAS.  It is important that you do not allow this to happen, as it may not be possible to reinstate any offers later if the course becomes full.

DfE Apply applicants

You will need to respond to your offer on your Dfe Apply portal.

Direct Applicants

If you have applied directly to the university (either online on our website, via a representative or regional office or via your Student Portal if you are a current student) you will need to accept your offer on our applicant portal. 

To do this, you should use the ‘Respond to Offer’ button on your applicant portal, choose the course you wish to respond to and then accept or decline your offer.

If you have applied for more than one course at Northumbria, you should accept the course you wish to study and decline any other applications. You can only hold one firm offer with Northumbria.

If you have previously accepted your Conditional Offer and are now unconditional you will still need to accept your Unconditional Offer if you have applied directly.

Once we have made you an offer, you will be able to see this on your Applicant Portal. You will also receive an offer letter which will be sent to you by email and will also be held in your applicant portal.

If you have applied via UCAS you will also see this on your UCAS Hub in the My applications section.

You should read your offer carefully, including your terms and conditions, to ensure you fully understand the conditions of your offers.

Making Changes

We understand that there may be factors that make you reconsider your options. We have outlined what you need to do if you are considering making a change.

If you have a deferred place, and wish to bring your starting year forward, your request will be considered by the Applicant Services team, and we will notify you of the decision. It will only be possible to bring your application forward if there are places still available on the programme. 


Newcastle Campus Applicants

You should complete our Request a change form. 


Other offer holders (London, Pathways, Continuing Workforce Development, Degree Apprenticeship)

You can request this by sending a message from your applicant portal using the contact us button.


If you wish to request to change your course, your request will be considered by the Applicant Services team, and we will notify you of the decision. 

We may not be able to consider requests to change to courses that require an interview or have other additional requirements, or restricted capacity. 



You can request this by submitting a Request a Change form.

No changes are permitted after the 25 July 2024 for UCAS applications.


Newcastle campus (direct applications)

You can request this by submitting a Request a Change form.


Other offer holders (ie London, Pathway, Degree Apprenticeship, Continuing Workforce Development)

You can request this via your applicant portal, using the contact us button detailing the course you wish to apply for and the reason you would like to change. 

Conditional firm or insurance offer holders

If you wish to switch your replies, you can change your replies directly with UCAS if it is within 14 days of you replying to your offer. 

If the 14 days lapsed, Northumbria University has opted into “pre approved reply swaps” so you can contact UCAS directly to ask to change the response to your offer* (some courses are excluded, please see below). There is no need to contact Northumbria for approval, however you may need to gain permission from any other universities involved if they have not opted into pre approved swap process.

*If your reply swap involves a Health and Life Sciences course which requires interview, you will need approval from Northumbria, so you should request this swap using our Request a Change form as soon as possible and select ‘ I wish to change the response I have made to my offer’. If Northumbria agree to the change, you will also need to get the other institution that you are currently firm or insurance to contact UCAS and give permission. You will also need to contact the UCAS Customer Experience team on 0371 468 0468 (or +44 330 3330 230 from outside of the UK)

No changes are permitted after the 25 July 2024.

If you wish to request to defer your place, your request will be considered by the Applicant Services team, and we will notify you of the decision. Please note that we only allow applicants to defer their place once.  If you have previously deferred, you must submit a new application.

If you are due to begin your programme in September 2024 and decide to defer your application, you should request this as soon as possible to let us know you do not intend to start in September 24. 


Newcastle Campus Applicants

You should complete our Request a change form

Please note that we do not accept deferral requests for our BA (Hons) Primary Education or PGCE programmes. You will have to submit a new application in the next academic year.


Other offer holders (London, Pathways, Continuing Workforce Development, Degree Apprenticeship)

You should request deferral by sending a message from your applicant portal using the contact us button.

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