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Why Study American Studies

Intellectually challenging and hugely enjoyable, American Studies is an ideal subject to study at university if you want to learn more about American life and culture


Intellectually challenging and hugely enjoyable, American Studies is an ideal subject to study at university if you want to learn more about American life and culture, wish to develop your critical, imaginative and communication skills, and have an interest in multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to studying the American experience and its global significances. In American Studies at Northumbria University you will receive an excellent education in a friendly environment, in partnership with an exceptional collection of internationally acclaimed scholar-teachers. Through a variety of lectures, smaller group seminars and guided individual study, our staff will help you develop your skills, work towards a successful degree and prepare yourself for life beyond the university. Our commitment to teaching excellence was recognized at the Northumbria Student Union’s Student-Led Teaching Awards for 2013-14, where many members of the American Studies staff were commended for their engaging teaching and overall commitment to their students’ education.

Employment and Study Abroad

Many careers require self-motivated, creative and ambitious individuals with a dynamic skill set. American Studies graduates are especially valued because of their excellent communication skills and ability to think intelligently, critically and laterally as they draw on a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and skills to analyse and interpret the American experience. The American Studies programme at Northumbria University will enable you to develop into this type of graduate. American Studies graduates are attractive to employers in such fields as teaching, publishing, journalism, cultural administration, advertising, public relations, the civil service, heritage management, social research, non-governmental organizations, public history and the Foreign Office.

As part of an innovative, new “Your Graduate Future” module many of our students will hone their employability potential. Here students will build resumes, refine experience for future careers, and link their work in American Studies to the job market.

Students also have the opportunity to spend a period of time studying abroad during their second year. American Studies has established links with a large number of institutions in North America, including the University of Illinois, Georgia State University, the State University of New York, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Montclair State University (near to New York City), York University (Toronto) and Central Michigan University. This exchange programme is covered within the existing tuition fee structure, but in addition Northumbria also offers two competitive Study Abroad bursaries (currently of £1,000) for outstanding American Studies students wishing to study at a North American institution.

History Blog

History and American Studies Blog

A blog on all manner of research, publications, lectures, conferences, symposia, and more from Northumbria University's History and American Studies programmes.

Humanities Research

Department of Humanities Research

Research in Humanities is divided across two distinct areas: English (Literature, Language and Linguistics and Creative Writing) and History. Alongside these research areas we also have our American Studies research grouping, which draws on researchers from both English Literature and History.

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Looking to study in with us in September? Our Undergraduate Open Day Events are the perfect opportunity for you to find out as much as you can about our wide range of courses and world-class facilities.

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