HA6001 - Advanced Work Based Learning in Law - Professional Development

What will I learn on this module?

This module continues to support you in collating your work based learning (WBL) portfolio. It follows on from your stage one and two modules. This will deepen and extend your development as an independent and self-directed work based learner. It will assist you in developing your WBL portfolio in accordance with the Solicitor Apprenticeship Standard and Solicitors Regulation Authority (‘SRA’) Competence Statement for Solicitors, as well as reflecting upon its contents.

In this module you will develop in-depth knowledge of the Solicitor Apprenticeship Standard and Competence Statement for Solicitors. You will apply that knowledge to update and develop your WBL portfolio across all modules taken to date, developing it further in line with your level three modules. Further you will develop your skills as a reflective practitioner, demonstrating the ability to analyse and critique your performance to date and measure your progression against the SRA Threshold Standard.

Through engaging in the workshop sessions and the associated learning activities, you will develop your confidence and self-management as a work based learner. Underpinned by theoretical concepts and models and providing opportunities for skills practice, you will develop your knowledge and competence and demonstrate this through using opportunities within your workplace to develop and evidence your sector specific enhanced professional skills. You will engage in constructive critique of your practice within a work related context. This module will support you in understanding the importance of reflection in your professional practice, assisting you to use it as a tool to support your future development on the programme and in your future career.

How will I learn on this module?

This module will draw on the knowledge and understanding of legal subjects, skills and legal methods you have encountered in previous levels as well as your level three modules. You will learn through tutor facilitated workshops, tutor guidance and feedback and independent directed and self-directed learning, and through reflective practice. Importantly, you will also learn at work, through reflecting on your experiences and applying your knowledge to your practice in the workplace. The workshops and tutor supported learning will introduce you to theories and concepts and allow you to discuss with your tutor and your peers how these relate to your own work based experiences and practice.

The workplace provides a rich learning environment if you know how to plan, reflect and renew your own knowledge and skills through formal and informal modes of learning practice. Importantly you will be required to review your learning with your work place mentor and your individual workplace coach, and provide evidence of the transfer of your learning into updating the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that underpin the development of your professional practice. You will fully engage with the SRA Competence Statement for Solicitors and the Solicitor Apprenticeship Standard.

Your summative assessment for the module is your portfolio to date and a reflective piece of writing.

There will be dedicated e-Learning Portal (eLP), where you will be provided with detailed learning materials and resources, to help you develop the research, writing and reflective practice techniques that are needed for you to undertake your reflective piece.

How will I be supported academically on this module?

The module plan will provide a number of prompts and guidance to support you academically. Support will also include opportunities to gain feedback from workshop tutors, peers and your individual academic coach.

The University is well-placed to support you in learning and research with an excellent library and teaching facilities, access to on-line legal databases, resources and appropriate software. Programme support will be provided through the e-Learning Portal (eLP) and resources through the University Library. This will provide you with tutored guidance on legal skills, research and reflection, and assessment in this module. The Programme Leader can be contacted in addition to your individual workplace Coach in respect of any problems.

What will I be expected to read on this module?

All modules at Northumbria include a range of reading materials that students are expected to engage with. The reading list for this module can be found at: http://readinglists.northumbria.ac.uk
(Reading List service online guide for academic staff this containing contact details for the Reading List team – http://library.northumbria.ac.uk/readinglists)

What will I be expected to achieve?

Knowledge & Understanding:
• Develop specialist knowledge and understanding of substantive laws and procedures that apply in a number of areas of legal practice.

• Develop enhanced understanding of the sector and/or organisational specific knowledge and practice.

Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
• Develop an ability to self-reflect and critically evaluate your own skills and knowledge of relevant law and practice, identifying your own professional needs through this critical reflection.

• Prepare, select and organise materials to produce a coherent portfolio demonstrating your competence as a legal practitioner.

Personal Values Attributes (Global / Cultural awareness, Ethics, Curiosity) (PVA):
• Used personal reflection to analyse your own professional values, ethics, actions and professional development needs.

How will I be assessed?

You will be provided with formative feedback on your proposed individual WBL CPD plan from your individual academic coach.

Your summative assessment will take the form of the following:

1) WBL Portfolio
Competent/Not Yet Competent

Submission of your WBL Portfolio to date.

2) Reflective essay (100%)

A 2,500 word reflective essay on your WBL portfolio and professional practice to date, with reference to the SRA Statement of Competence.

The marking criteria used to assess the reflective essay are outlined and explained when you embark on the module, to ensure you can understand what is expected of you and how your work will be assessed.





Module abstract

The aim of this module is to enable you to enhance your WBL Portfolio, building upon previous learning and deepening your knowledge as you integrate reflective learning techniques into your practice. Through the completion of a reflective essay, based on your practical legal experience, you will integrate your understanding of topics and skills learnt throughout the programme to date, with understanding of the SRA Solicitor Competence Statement.

Course info

Credits 20

Level of Study Undergraduate

Mode of Study 6 Years Part Time

Department Northumbria Law School

Location City Campus, Northumbria University

City Newcastle

Start September 2024

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Module Information

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